Star-gates & The Looking Glass Project.


So much has been happening globally during November and now we are already nearer the holiday times, so this will be my last blog entry for this year. This is an article about Timelines and Star-gates and what I as a non-scientific person understand about them. I will also share some of the research I keep myself occupied with, mostly in the evening by following YouTube presenters on the topics that have an effect on the ascension movement.

Why the title of this blog?

Well, star-gates have always fascinated me. They link to time travel concepts and shifting into other dimensions. Many fantasy writers use a type of Stargate or portal but might call it something else. The latest TV series the Outlander tales by Diana Gabaldon really created a hit with the public. When her books are available for the kindle I might get them. 

In 2015, NASA admitted that the idea of Earth portals — areas on the planet that instantly teleport human beings from one place to the other — are a reality that they have been studying for quite some time. How many people know that you wonder? It’s not published in our mainstream media. I wonder why not? ( now I do know why not and will address my thoughts on that in this article.

Time Travel

Alfred Bielek, a former crew member onboard the USS Eldridge, and Duncan Cameron, who would later work on the Montauk Project, jumped from the deck of the USS Eldridge when it was trapped in hyperspace and landed in the future.
There are many articles online about these topics so I will not go into that from other people’s perspectives.

In my novels, I speculate about CERN being somehow involved with entering other dimensions, but that is purely my fictional creativity having a go at it. The 10-minute video I’ve added explains a lot.

How can we individually find these star-gates?

It has always been my understanding that it’s our level of consciousness that must first fully awaken before this ancient consciousness technology can be accessed. Yes , I call this technology ancient since we as spiritual beings already know it, but have forgotten it. After this creative visual meditation video I will share the disclosures that are cause for some concern.

The 4th-dimensional reality is still somewhat ruled by time. It’s just much faster. This is why when we are meditating, creating video clips like this one, or during our dream state, it appears that it has taken a long time but when you return to our 3rd-dimensional awareness we find that very little time has passed.

Our Ascension Journey

Ascension is the process of us returning back to before we incarnated in existence in a 3rd-dimensional human form.
Our higher expressions when asked, will assist us to help us remember our true self in this present incarnation.

For some, it’s incredibly difficult to imagine an existence where time travel and star-gate portals exist but this is why many of us chose this incarnation in order to fully wake up. Therefore it’s incredibly important for us all to completely trust our higher dimensional self.

Just because we cannot see, hear or physically touch it doesn’t mean it’s not happening right in front of us. It’s just happening at a higher frequency of resonance which our 3D minds can’t perceive yet.

Humanity will soon remember how to manifest an idea, thought etc. into our awareness in the physical because it already exists in the now in the 5th dimension. It all connects, and timelines are all starting to bleed together.

In the following video clips I want to share why our 3rd dimensional existence begins to disappear. It’s not an easy topic to simplify but I’m going to try with the help of some YouTube clips

What is Project Looking Glass?

Now I’m delving in to what many people will still consider to be conspiracy theories, but soon a lot more disclosures from leading politicians and the scientific communities will rock our reality. That is why this information has to be shared by as many people as possible.

A normal looking glass is an object with a reflective surface so that we can see our selves in it — in other words, a mirror made of glass with a metallic or amalgam backing, or our nonactive cellphones or dark laptop screen for example. In the following interview a completely different type of technology is discussed. This information falls clearly under the disclosure secrets.

Disclosure topics that are very important to further investigate in-order to stay in our individual power.  star-gates, time travel and excess to other dimensions are all that will be disclosed

Project Looking Glass Technology

What would you do if you could turn back time? Where would you go? Who would you see? Watch today’s episode on Project Looking Glass! We put hours of research into this to come to the conclusions that we have so let us know what you think! Do you have other information or more that you can add to this conversation? (This was asked in the video interview below)

Project Looking Glass and the Orion Cube which they are discussing in this interview by Kerry Cassidy are Quantum Time Viewing Devices that the leaders of our world have been using for decades. Mind blowing!

To think that such an alien technology was in the hands of people with ill-intent is in itself very disturbing. They used it for their own benefit never mind about the rest of the people on Earth, but their time is OVER! While watching I saw in the corner on the screen Marina Jacobi. I was very keen to listen to her summing up on Kerry’s interview.

listening to Marina’s explanation about the looking glass projects and the timelines that were created were very helpful for me to understand what we individuals can do. Her looking glass projects explanation makes a lot more sense.

We are spiraling up and out and growing in a positive manner, so the destructive force(s) ( the negative looking glass ) working against ascension simply can’t exist within the frequency vibration consciousness which is manifesting at these higher levels. Brilliant! Some of the comments!

More Disclosures have been Shared

They are shared by people on YouTube, Facebook and many other social media, blogs and website and still many people are asleep to themselves.

During these ‘end of times’ a full disclosure on many levels…will happen. That might shock a lot of people who have been resisting this information. The controllers of this planet are clearly using military programs that are designed to carry out bio-spiritual enslavement using mind control and genetic engineering. These controllers have been playing God with our physical bodies and our consciousness and it’s time the manipulation into enslavement comes to an end. It’s now happening that they are losing their control!

Thanks for reading my last blog post of 2019.

Happy Ascending towards the year 2020

May your Ascension journey be a happy one.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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