Third World War – The New Normal

World in Chaos – 2020- The New Normal – Earth’s Reality

The new Normal means a different things to a lot of people. ( A previously unfamiliar situation that has become standard, usual, or expected)
I will always begin my articles by restating that our reality is like a holographic game, a virtual reality.

I started this post with this image in April but kept it in my draft folder until now.

It’s now 24 of June and it has become been very clear to me that this whole so-called “health Pandemic” was in truth a financial pandemic with a very sinister agenda.

The Wearing of Masks

Whenever I post anything about the wearing of masks full time, those posts get the most comments and some are very unpleasant. Why do social media friends react so strongly in a negative way to these posts?
it’s my philosophy to totally surrender all beliefs at these times. That is huge but necessary during the awakening. Everything we, therefore, react to, especially if that stirs anger within us, is in truth a reflection of something inside of us.
Why does the mask-wearing create these reactions?
We have to question ourselves as to what a mask represents?
Feelings of: Fear, being silenced, having no voice, unworthy, controlled….
Is that the truth about why people are reacting the way they do? I feel it is.
Every human being is a divine spirit worthy of all the LOVE and honor they deserve, but they have to give that love and honor to themselves first!

Mind Wars

Today we are all experiencing a mind war, a kind of tyranny that has the whole population in a frantic Fear state.
Yes, our world is at war. It’s not with tanks, bombs, bullets or nuclear weaponry, no it’s much more dangerous.
If you want to truly control the mind of the masses, what better way than creating an worldwide economic collapse!

This video interview with Catherine Austin Fitts below is the scariest alarming information I have heard so far…please listen to this video before YouTube removes it…all about the reset of our money system into digital currency…linked to the so-called Health vaccine…please listen…Focus on the debt entrapment and financial double-dealing under cover of Covid-19. 5G, crowd control technology.. that is the Trans-humanism agenda! Please listen to what Catherine Austin Fitts has to say.

New Word Order /Trans-humanism

What does it mean?
For me, trans-humanism means the use of injecting nanobots: enhancement technologies to create robotic humans by removing humanity’s emotional and spiritual links to the divine blueprint. This is done through the so-called Coronavirus vaccine.

David also speaks on the danger of a cashless digital society. Its sadly a short clip. His interviews were so often deleted by YouTube that now all his interviews have been moved to

The Trans-humanism Agenda

The idea of fusion with technology as the next stage in human evolution feels and sounds EVIL to me. Agendas behind the New World Order movement can be seen as the ultimate goal of transnational corporations that are in control followed by the rise of corporate power turned civilization against nature due to the Trans-humanism agenda.
Turning humans into robotic entities.

Why would we Humans who are endowed with self-awareness, spiritual intuitive and creative co-creating abilities give this up to a robotic replacement?
Our connection to this earth reality world binds us deeply to the consequences of our own choices. We learn to become humble. This connects us to other human beings, allowing us to see reality from their perspectives. This empathy makes us strive to mend our actions.

The New Normal

We cannot afford to have a divided humanity. A “compartmentalised” humanity. We need to find some unity through all the chaos.
The only ones who will play this dark agenda game are the ones still sleeping. This is how you will know who is asleep and who is not. The best thing to do is to stay alert and aware, to be able to stay one step ahead of them at all times. The dark controllers will not win, the light will win!

Yes, I’m a Trump supporter.

Sadly this has created a lot of strife among my friends and family members, but I still have to be true to myself.

This X22 report has the best a very informative video on what is going on and what Trump took on when he became president. I consider myself a Global Planet Earth citizen and I have never shown any kind of favoritism to any country, not even the country of my birth, Holland, but what I heard Harley Schlanger said in this video, that real truth would NEVER be mentioned through any TV media around the globe.

21 June Solar Eclipse

Our global community is going through some troubled times while the Higher frequencies are happening, especially when our Sun appeared like a ‘ring of fire’ During the three days of the June Solar Eclipse
Lightworkers and Starseeds

The Portals have opened for many of us to gradually experience a new reality. The relationships we experience on earth are an illusion. It is a part of the matrix, they are meaningless.
Meaningless relationships within the matrix program fall under the blaming and judging each other category.
What goes on today with racial tensions is a good example. All lives matter!

For humans to evolve they must step out of the matrix program. The matrix program traps people in the perceptions they have of themselves and the environment they hold dear.
For many, it feels like time has come to unite with our higher Dimensional soul family that are spread out all over the globe.
We can transform this world with love and technology. When we have a clear vision of the future and we cross-compare it with the present world then we know in our hearts what needs to be shifted.
Meditate on what we can imagine, that will make it real.
We are all co-creators.

Thanks for visiting my blog during these troubled times

Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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