Better Normal – not NEW NORMAL

MORNING activities.

Every morning at 7, I turn on the WIFI and browse through my Facebook page on my cell phone while still in bed. I typically scroll through links that my friends have sent me through Facebook Messenger or what appears on my home feed.
Recently, I came across Nirvana’s promotion for her upcoming Authentically ME Live “Unified Round Table” on October 17th. I’m always a bit nervous to hear my own voice during these Zoom meetings.

Authentically ME Live “Unified Round Table The True Normal

(2) I am pleased to hear that more people are coming together for a common cause, as seen in this video from Berlin. Unfortunately, the videos I had previously added to this blog were removed from YouTube, which is concerning. It is great to see efforts being made to combat the negative forces affecting humanity, and I am hopeful that we will regain our freedom.

What a fantastic effort to save humanity from the dark forces that have been spreading around the world. We will all get our FREEDOM back.

(3) The image below was shared by a friend, and I shared it on my timeline including the comment below:

That is the reason I’m called a Trump supporter. I’m not even an American or live there, but he seems to be the only individual ( besides his white hat team) that are willing to expose the evil, criminal corruption that has infected this 3D earth reality….especially in the last hundred years or so.

Personally, my life is very abundant. I’m surrounded by loving people, the incredible beauty of nature, experiencing the animal kingdom as being partners during this incarnation and enjoy my daily tasks. I found my soul purpose!

It’s my sincere wish to want that for everybody. That is why I keep exposing posts about lies and corruption. Why do I and many of us even bother?
We care!
It’s disheartening to witness workers in shops being compelled to wear masks every day just to retain their jobs. Additionally, it’s frustrating to see businesses being subjected to absurd government regulations to stay afloat. These fear tactics have adverse effects on individuals’ mental, emotional, and physical well-being. As for those who still wear masks outside in the open air, I feel sympathy for them. They seem to lack self-respect for themselves and others. While some claim to wear masks to ensure safety, they may be misguided by the misinformation they’ve been fed. Hopefully, they will soon realize the error of their ways.
There are people over the world who still support the three criminals in the image ‘no matter how many people they killed’.
They must look into their own mirror!
As our world shifts into the 4th and 5th dimensions, some individuals have noticed a decrease in the presence of certain friends and family members in their daily lives. This is likely due to the fact that many people are undergoing personal growth and exploring new opportunities. It’s important to note that this shift towards a more harmonious lifestyle is not related to any “New World Order” agenda. We invite you to join us in embracing this new reality and thriving in a higher-dimensional world.

(4) After typing this comment on my cellphone while still in bed, the video below that Robin next to me in bed was listening to is all about the mock tests! So I shared it on my Facebook page.
The videos I added to this blog were deleted from YouTube (obviously censorship)

More evidence that all the tests that are done to find out if someone has the so-called covid-19 virus are total crap. Testing positive means nothing. It’s been used to set up a new lockdown. Get real!
(5) Steven M. Greer – all about FREE ENERGY was a link sent to me. I’m still in bed, and its time to get up, but I recalled the amazing documentary video I had seen last evening, THRIVE 2

We hired the movie Thrive 2 and watched it with friends in our home. The science shared through striking imagery was all about the torus energy field around everything. This was very helpful this morning in grasping what DR Steven Greer was discussing.
We learned that one Zimbabwe inventor, maxwells.chikumbutso has successfully created a free energy device! Why are we not seeing this great technology being used in SA? What is the hold-up?
We know what it is…..the agenda to get the NEW WORLD ORDER plan ruling this 3D world!

Robin is getting dressed now, while I’m still entertained by this clip
(6) WHAT A GREAT ANIMATION. connecting the dots!

(7) If you ever, or still have doubts that this so-called covid-19 is not a huge scam, listen to this video…What an amazing job to connect all the dots. Please watch this and share it. Sorry The videos I added to this blog were deleted from YouTube ( obvious censorship)

(8) This was a post written by a Facebook friend. I loved it, so I shared it.

You were already living within the new world order under Obama. it was never political – it was simply how much evil they could pour into the world and how much loosh ( fear energy ) they could create.
The alliance- by many non-3d means- took over the timeline in 2017.

The heads of the cabal /elite/1% were taken off planet…
Agenda 21 and project blue beam were taken down … the reincarnation soul trap was also taken down then.
There has been a war going on in the astral plane within this planet… outside of this planet.. and universe-wide to remove these dark beings. There are many on the dark side, reptilians, some Grey’s, some Nordic. Some Annunaki (I say some because like the human race,
they are not all evil ).
The list goes on.
They have been taken down on this planet … they are hiding .. desperate to create fear, loosh, however, they have no funds .. they have no power except what people give them.
The alliance in all its factions are showing you what has been going on.
The confusion and crazy chaos are to awaken people.
You are also moving through experiences you need to have .. you agreed to at a soul level prior to incarnating in this life.
The clean-up continues. However, the light has won.. hugely.
Do not despair.
This war is within the shadow realm, the astral plane and the physical planes
3d Gaia is gone .. we are shifting and evolving. As is Gaia. we are in mid- to higher 4d. We are shifting to the 5th and will eventually end up in the 6th dimension. This shift is for Gaia and humanity as a whole.
As Gaia shifts, each dimension she had been in .. will fade. She will never return to 3rd or 4th so they are not needed. No one is left behind.
If people are not wanting to continue on to 5 or 6d Gaia, they will go to other 3 or 4 d planets or simply return to their home.
This choice was decided before you came into this life.
You are becoming more aware of energy, beings and the shift going on.
Your role will differ from everyone else’s; however, your primary function is to observe how things have been .. to keep your light high.. and help others.
Do not get angry with the asleep folk.. they will awaken .. patience will serve you in this phase and into the next.
Breathe… observe .. share info.. don’t argue with people .. use your intuition.
Build your intuition.
We have an exciting bright future to look forward to .. but before we get there, we must shift and learn as we go.
No fear

15th oct 2020
Aluna kay

(9) The last image I shared with my comment before the day truly started.
I’m watching my thoughts all the time, even when I leave comments on social media. Yes, I might still be reacting to the lies and deceptions about what is going on by sharing them, warning anyone who might be ready to think again. Still, I also keep sharing these brilliant reminders above, knowing that I’m more of an observer, seeing a reality play streaming past.

(10)It’s a fantastic sunny day in Cape Town. Thanks for reading my morning ritual from my cell phone.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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