The Search for the Truth.

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Connecting the Dots!

Janet Ossebaard is good at connecting the dots.
Most academics seem to be left-brain orientated, so they cannot or do not have that skill, but Janet does. Every concept or perception has a counter reality.
The videos I added to this blog were deleted from YouTube ( obvious censorship)

2019- What was Going to Happen

The crown is invisible but the destructions this man-made virus enemy was created to divide people on Earth. Such an amazing, beautiful way Janet has presented these hard ugly truths of our reality.

More information on the flu virus called covid19 click on the link, because WordPress does not allow me to add a video links from her many videos on Bitchute ( they were taken down by YouTube) unless I upgrade to a business account, which is at the moment not possible.



What a crazy world we live in.

The following link on the 10-parts series about the ‘Fall of the Cabal’ by Janet Ossebaard takes the listener into the search for the Truth.
What an amazing documentary.
We learn about the history of the ruling families on our planet who have been behind the powers of the world; about the in-depth manipulations of left and right in politics, Wikileaks, the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, and down the rabbit hole at the birth of the Q-phenomenon…including the hunting parties of the European royal families and the elite, Pizzagate, Adrenochrome, survivor accounts, the English royal family, their connection with Jeffrey Epstein, and more.

Fall of the Cabal

This is one interview in Dutch. I love hearing Janet speaking in my home language.

Interview in Dutch
Her psychic experiences in crop circles.

Cyntha Koeter is the co-creator – producer of the Sequel of the Fall of the Cabal. She shares her own story.

Her own story on Sexual abuse is very emotional for me. I recalled a horrific experience I had with my own close family member who had practically kidnapped my 12-year-old son ( who is now 50) when we were visiting my family in Holland from South Africa.
My heart started pumping harder when I picked up my niece’s anxieties when she asked me where my son was. I told her that our uncle asked him to come along to take the dog out.
The brother of my father turned out to be a pedophile. We never knew, but it was several family members in the room who had suspicions and warned us to go the basement of an I think 15 store block of flat ( my aunt lived at the top in Leeuwarden).
We, both, my husband and I with my niece ran downstairs, not wanting to to wait for a lift and my son’s father practically broke the door of the basement down. My boy was hunched up in the corner being scared but still fully dressed. We left the family and never went back, but made sure the rest of the family knew what had happened, so the truth would come out.
Child abuse no matter how is a sickness that needs to be exposed.
Thank you Cyntha for sharing your story.

November the 15th
We are now in mid-November, the elections are past but not the counting. This interview below made my Sunday even more special. Listening to her being her authentic self is so refreshing, I need to write this post very soon after my last post.

Please listen to this interview, especially at the end when she talks about the new Earth, the golden age and the crop circles.

My reply under this interview on Youtube was included after this image of my fist novel in the awakening to our ascension.

Janet, your honesty and clear explanations of so many concepts are so refreshing. My research to back up my visionary fiction novels and to make them as authentic as possible took me on many directions from history, realities, time and UFO topics, especially our spiritual realities. Sadly I could not afford to have my novels translated into Dutch, because most of my story starts in Holland, because of my background.
Yes, I go into “the new earth” realities right through the novels. Fiction can become vision boards for the readers, preparing them all for the golden age we are heading towards.
I only discovered your work at the beginning of our lockdown and my three novels were written years ago, but your work has inspired me to write my last novel in the ascension series into our golden age.

It’s now time to go outside into my deck garden and enjoy the rest of Sunday.

Nadine May

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