Multi-dimensional Realities

We all live in multi-dimensional realities since Time is just a 3D program genetically programmed into our human DNA. Another word for parallel or multi- realities is Timelines. Timelines are NOW determined by the vibrational frequency you resonate within.
The Choice is yours, always in All Ways.
I created images for my blog writings to enhance the article, so now I’m doing a cleanout to create some space on my PC. These images may be used by anyone.

In the course of writing my novels, I had to do my research about the topic that we all are multidimensional beings living on different timelines. Through dialogue, I created a genetic scientist character who exposes the misinformation on our biological human blueprint. In my post “Awakening to our Soul Memories” I share why my explanation is through Story Telling.

The Truth Behind Visionary Fiction

Visionary Fiction speaks the language of the soul. It contains all the elements of modern storytelling, yet there is a deeper layer, an archetypal level. 

The primary purpose of my visionary fiction novels is to reveal and affirm our origin as light beings. That is why the language of light workshops came into being. Years later, I started writing The Body Codes of Light, which ties in with the third stage of our ascension journey and my novel Vanishing Worlds.

My original idea in 1995 of 5 visionary ascension novels that reflect the 5 stages of manifesting our physical realities with the creative art therapy doodle workbooks, journals and the meditation book on the language of light became a massive project I hope to finish within the next 5 years.

Throughout my novels and workbooks, my characters explain each step of our soul and spirit journeys into the bodies we occupy and then transcend through death or ascend by transforming our biological body into our light body.

Start with my first novel, The Reality Shifters, from the perspective of Ingrid and Toon, who have awakened to the truth of why we can sense a soul mate or a personal destiny; activating telepathy is part of the soul that wants to make this the last earth experience.

The Art Therapy Mind drawing workbooks and journals seek to clarify through doodling how light energy is a repository of information for each individual and how we can trans-channel it to guide our lives. Trans-channelling (today known as remote viewing) is using the light energy flowing through us as information. When remote viewing occurs, we bypass the brain and become immediately linked to our spirits for guidance.

Through my Instagram and Facebook fan pages, I’ve shared many images of the full-colour meditation on the Language of Light symbols used throughout my workbooks as examples.


Nadine May

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