My old website

Do I need a website?
From the 15th of March my website at Google will no longer be shown. The question is, is it worth it to create a whole new website?  It will take me hours of work, and I’m far more active on my blogs? I’m sad that this website will be gone, but I need to move on with the changing times. This WordPress blog works better for me, and so for now I have saved all my webpages on my computer so I can take the text and publish the information on a later date under similar pages that you see on this image.
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Welcome to my new FREE Bio website

Many websites say that we are living in the End Of times. We can now make virtual friends from all over the planet. This can be a positive shift for many. Now that you have landed on this website, I hope you can find what you are looking for.
My first and up-most reasons for having this website is to inspire others to learn about themselves.

I’m aiming to do this through the nine main characters .

that came alive with the help of the Enneagram.   (a study of the nine basic type of people that live on Planet Earth regardless of race, greed or gender.)

By making a study of each of the nine types of personalities I hope that my readers and You, the visitor, might relate to some of my actors on this third dimensional stage. Since we are all actors on this stage.

The topic of the articles by my nine characters varies. The only character that does not fall under any of the nine Enneagram type is POWAH: the guide (a higher being that represents the higher soul being of each character.

I write articles on the topic of awakening and I share many links of interest on several Google blogs:

Since November 2013 I started writing articles for websites, like hubpages and wikinut Years ago I was a moderator on a like mind community websites – the Gold Ring, all to do with human consciousness.

Read our weekly newspaper:  AWAKENING TO A NEW REALITY or, follow my blog: THE END OF TIMES

or visit my publishers website when my   BOOKSTORE – page  is showing all the titles I’ve written.

Now that I have introduced myself I would like to know what you would like to learn from this website? You can do this by visit me on my Facebook fan pages:
Nadine May the author.
Parallel realities
The Language of light
Nadine May


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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