Visit to Kalk Bay – Western Cape – South Africa

Can anyone have lunch in Kalk Bay for around R100 PP?

walking to Kalk BaySunday the 8th of August. Looking out from our home in Clovelly, the sun was shining on the houses in Fish Hoek across the vlei, so we thought why not have lunch in Kalk Bay? It takes us around 30+minutes to walk there. The weather was very pleasant, sunny, and coldish but no wind!

We love the walk and there is always so much to see on the way. The first artist who greeted us makes small signs with wire. There is a lot of road works going on, so we had to cross the road to keep safe from the traffic.

Our first stop was to have lunch at one of our favorite places. I regretfully will not mention the name, because we were somewhat disappointed at the service.

where to have lunch

We asked if we could order the special on the menu, but instead of the hot chocolate included could we have a cappuccino instead. I cannot have anything that has too much sugar and Robin is allergic to chocolate. The first waiter who dropped two paper table settings said NO and walked away. We both thought that could not be right, so we asked the second waiter, who immediately said no problem.

After about ten minutes he came back apologizing but no we could not change the hot chocolate for a cappuccino. I mumbled how ridiculous and his response was “Don’t be rude!” He was about to walk away when I called him back and said “OK please can we change the order.”

We ordered English muffins and two cappuccinos. It took about another ten minutes before he brought our cappuccinos. The place was very busy, so we thought let’s be patient.

Then five minute later he came back again apologizing and telling us that the English muffins were sold out! This young man was clearly a very inexperienced waiter for not making sure in both cases if he could deliver what we ordered. We then said to him not to worry, just give us the bill and we will have lunch somewhere else. By now we had been there for at least 40 minutes with only two cappuccinos and nothing to eat since the previous evening. We had skipped breakfast at home.

While we waited for our bill a lady waitress came and was very apologetic. When I told her that I was in the habit of writing about recommendations of where to have lunch, and that I was taken aback about the waiters comment, they apologized and the two cappuccinos were offered on the house, but we were sadly no longer in the mood to stay.

shopping paradiseKalk Bay has plenty of eating places on offer, and just because a place is very busy, it doesn’t mean that customers have to be grateful to be served!

What we had ordered was not even below R100 per person, so we walked out and visited the Brass Bell, but they were full with waiting time of up to an hour, so by now we did not feel like waiting for a table.


I’m not a pizza fan but the lady manageress from Satori who saw us thinking about coming into her restaurant made us feel Satori in Kalk Bayvery welcome, so we thought why not. This time we both ordered a glass of wine and shared a large pizza with a cappuccino each afterwards. The service was excellent and the place was packed full. Our bill came to R200! ( including a 10% tip!)

It was after three when we walked home. There is so much to see when we walk that we never truly take note of if we drive past

We truly live in one the most thought after places in the Western Cape.

on the way home


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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