The Astral Explorer

Reviews for Richard’s journal – The Astral Explorer

Nadine your second novel, like the first, gripped me again from the start. If all our dreams would be that lively and informative, going to sleep would be the best form of entertainment. The way you have combined mind-boggling scenarios of an esoteric nature and matched them up with our every day realities got me thinking. Is this tale for real? Your novels are very though provoking and at times frighteningly but at the same time enjoyable read.

Nadine May continues to write not only of the adventures surrounding the Jaarsma Clan’s telepathic abilities, but also on the growing dynamics that an awakening of our inner real self will bring about. If ever a subject is ripe for the mainstream Speculative Fiction reader, this is surely it.

It will be interesting to see how Nadine tackles the increased media attention that the Jaarsma Clan would attract by their efforts in the third book in the ascension series, “The Cosmic Traveler.

Reviewed by: Kathy de Beers

Congratulations! again I loved Richard’s story. I was again amazed that you managed to make all the information about awakening to our full potential so accessible. It was again a great read. I have been captivated by the Esotheric information contained in the book. your ideas does resonate with me. Thank you.

Beverly Lange

One thought on “The Astral Explorer

  1. I must say that I got a lot out of this book. Astral travelling is unique way of exploring the Universe and this book certainly takes you into fascinating places!

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