Immortality, is it for real, or just an illusion?

It is for real, because life can be greater than we ever imagined. People have been resurrecting and achieving physical immortality since before the days of Lazarus. Resurrected Immortals move among us, some have estates, businesses and bank accounts. They can disappear and reappear anywhere on the planet (teleportation). They can communicate telepathically with others, walk on water and through fire; nothing is impossible for them.
The difference between our ascension visionary/ fantasy novels and general science fiction or fantasy novels are that our readers, while their minds translate the story in imageries and emotions while reading, they learn about many Spiritual and esoteric sciences they would otherwise have to study through non-fiction literature. This is far more difficult because it often lacks any creative interactions or stimulation of the senses. Non-fiction is a very mental exercise, unless it is a workbook.
Through our novels the reader stays in his or her world (this physical reality) while they read about immortals that experience a lifetime between 2008 – 2020. As in a biography, we as readers feel more connected to the main character. The readers can relate to them. They read about ordinary people who overcame obstacles, who achieved their goals, or, — who, like themselves have started to wake up to the fact that there is NO freedom in death.
When we keep physically dying, what keeps happening is that after death most people exist in an energy body (ghost) just like the one they had in the physical world, and continue the same existence without any real freedom. Some call this the Astral Worlds, Purgatory, Heaven or Hell. How you lived on earth will determine how you live after you die. Spiritual evolution is stunted by the constant repetitiveness of experiencing a rebirth
Some people today might consciously choose the death transition in order to help many other people with their sometimes violent transitions, but they are well aware that the only real freedom is to master this physical world and defeat death.
Through Richard’s novels: The Astral Explorer and The Cosmic Traveler, readers learn that normal human beings can activate their spiritual knowledge while in a physical body, and what that would be like. What would the world be like if humanity wakes up!
The reader is being prepared to consciously travel between the many different astral planes during dream time, and to remember these journeys when they wake up. Some readers psychic senses are activated during this life time, when they read about it through a story. Like the people from the Jaarsma clan, they also become far more psychically aware.
“Fantasy or fiction?” some will still ask themselves. I know for a fact that for me and many others – having an out of body experience is a life-changing event.
How did Fantasy and Science Fiction stories come about?
All the fantasy/ and science fiction stories were written by a human mind that recalled vivid memories from a dream state, while their imaginary world where there are no limitations, reveals that there is an inner search for truth.
Many science fiction or fantasy readers are drawn to these books by an inner call from their soul to explore other worlds while trapped in a human form. Regrettably they are often not stimulated to look within themselves, because their EGO mind-set is still very influenced by malicious elemental beings who are part of the physical form. They are entertained, or addicted to evil or violent activities where weakness place a role.
A good example is: In the film Highlander powerful immortals can only be killed by each other, but the immortal main character grows cynical after seeing friends and lovers grow old and die. Or, even if something can’t be killed, a common plot device is to put an immortal being into a slumber or limbo where the human (ego) mind still manages to fool the person into not believing in anything.
How then do we overcome our own weaknesses?
Most of us have weaknesses. Even in our novels all is not rosy. Most humans do not experience being exempt from grief, sadness, depression or unhappiness. That is why popular storytellers often make it a point to give weaknesses to even the most indestructible of beings.
An example is; a fictional creature might also be considered immortal if its life span is just unimaginably long. For instance, the dragons in some fantasy works can eventually die of old age, but often their lifespan is measured in thousands of years (or perhaps longer), so they’re considered immortal by shorter lived species (such as humans). .

Beings like this often remind humans of their greatest weaknesses by uttering the derisive “mere mortals”.

When immortality is something that can be bought, works of fiction will often make judgements regarding the high price that must be paid, but if immortality is something that can be earned, then it can also be taken away, much to the dismay of many an immortal.
Since immortality is seen as a desire of humanity I was still told to translate the journals into a fictional style, since truth is often hidden in the fantasies of the human mind.
A return to full consciousness is a magnification of what you already possess. The grand vistas of past, present, and future are to sweep before you, and your connectivity to the Infinite revealed.


Liesbeth – Tulanda


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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