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I write for several websites that promote my work. I hope you will find a topic of your interest among my titles. If you are interested in reading my short stories, or my novel in the making: The Self Employed Housewife, enjoy!   Most of the images that I created for my articles are to be found on Pinterest.

I created images for most of my articles, making reading a visual experience. Some examples:

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  1. Can a fictional plot become a reality?
  2. Where do Authors get their material from?
  3. Is writing a novel a learned skill?
  4. Heard of the term – The Eleventh Hour?
  5. Are we going to rise out of the chaos?
  6. What is a Universal Language of Light?
  7. Where does the Soul enter the human body?
  8. What does the word Ascension mean?
  9. Is Fiction often more True than Fact?
  10. Follow your heart no matter what others say!
  11. Is there an instruction manual for Planet Earth?
  12. Are there any Parallel Worlds & Realities?
  13. Personal, Community and Global Awareness Levels
  14. What is the difference between intellect and mind?
  15. What is a Group Soul?
  16. Are there unseen realms we are not aware of?
  17. What would a Money-less society be like?
  18. Is there a linguistic device that breaks all barriers?
  19. Journey from being a writer to a published author
  20. The Spirit of Tsitsikamma forest
  21. The Blueprint of our Virtual Immortality
  22. The Hidden Blueprint of Ingrid’s Virtual Life.
  23. The World of a Dyslexic
  24. Online writing for cash
  25. Can our imagination skills set us free?
  26. Is our Experience of ‘Time’ an Illusion?
  27. What does Armageddon look like?
  28. The Seven Realms of Existence
  29. Creative Spirit Alive in S. Africa
  30. We seem to live in Times of the Quickening
  31. Cape Argus cycle tour started amid bad weather
  32. Following your dreams but risk a loss
  33. Human Rights day in South Africa
  34. How do we create a better world for future generations?
  35. Our Rain and Grey Water harvesting project
  36. Is UFO technology from our ancient past merging with our present times?
  37. Can biological aging be halted?
  38. Was ‘aging’ ever meant to happen?
  39. How our beliefs create our human reality
  40. Are we controlled by TIME while we dream?
  41. Life is like a Monopoly game
  42. Becoming a virtual entrepreneur
  43. Welcome 2015!
  44. An interview with Nadine May – a Hubpages writing challenge
  45. The Myth of Aging
  46. The Hanging Gardens of Clovelly
  47. Internet Hobbies Can Become an Addiction

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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