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I write ( or have written) for several websites like Bubblews  that promote my work. This Hubpage link takes you to my hubpage profile page.  All the articles below takes you to the article in question and I hope you will find a topic of your interest among my posts.

If you are interested in reading my short stories, or my novel in the making: The Self Employed Housewife, I have posted all the links on my blog, enjoy!
Most of the images that I created for my articles are to be found on Pinterest.
1 What is the difference between intellect and mind?

2 Where does the Soul enter the Human body?

3 Follow your dreams despite the risk.

4 Imagine a Money-less society, can you?

5 The Seven Realms of Existence

6 Can we create a better world for future generations?

7 Are there unseen realms we are not aware of?

8 Where do Authors get their inspirations from?

9What does the word Ascension mean?

10 How many different alien species live on our planet?

11Thinning of the Veils between Worlds

12 The Universal Language of Light

13 The World of a Dyslexic

14 The Hanging Gardens of Clovelly

15 Is there an instruction manual for Planet Earth?

16 Are there any Parallel Worlds & Realities?

17 Creative Spirit Alive in S. Africa

18Three Global Levels of Viewpoints

19 Can anyone write a novel?

20 Follow your heart no matter what others say!

21 Jewels from the Heart – for Him and Her

22 Is our Experience of ‘Time’ an Illusion?

23 Human Rights day in South Africa

24 Can aging be halted or reversed?

25 Did Akhenaton know the science of Alchemy?

26 Why is Earth History been manufactured?

27 10 Internet Pros & Cons in 2015

28 Can a fictional plot become a reality?

29 Are We living at the Eleventh Hour?

30 Are we going to rise out of the chaos?

31 Is Fiction often more Real than Facts?

32 What is a Group Soul?

33 Can we use doodling as a form of communication?

34 Journey from being a writer to a published author

35 The Hidden Blueprint of our Lives.

36 Our Tsitsikamma forest in South Africa

37 Is our World just a Virtual Reality?

38 Online writing for cash

39 YES our imagination skills can set us FREE

40 What do we mean by the word Armageddon?

41 We seem to live in Times of the Quickening

42 Cape Argus cycle tour started amid bad weather

43 How to create a Free & Equal society for all

44 When dream visions become real

45 Our Rain and Grey Water harvesting project

46 Awakening to our Soul memories

47 Will we ever find a new Economic system?

48 Is UFO technology from our ancient past merging with our present times?

49 Was ‘aging’ ever meant to happen?

50 What we believe creates our human reality

51 Does TIME exists while we dream?

52 Life is like a Monopoly game

53 Becoming a virtual entrepreneur

54 Is our world an illusion of our own making?

55 Welcome 2015!

56 An interview with Nadine May – a Hubpages writing challenge

57 Do you have Internet Addictions?

58 The Human Design – It’s all to do with our wiring!

59 The Myth of Aging

60 The Myth of needing 8 Hour Sleep

61 Imagination & Visualization

62 How to activate inspiring ideas

63 Creative Workshop Teachings from Home

64 Thinning of the Veils between Worlds

65 /Imagination-Visualization

66 The-Myth-of-needing-8-Hour-Sleep

67 10-internet-pros-and-cons-in-2016

67 Why-is-Earth-History-been-manufactured

68 The-Myth-of-Aging

69 The-human-design-Its-all-to-do-with-our-wiring

70 I-stumbled-on-a-new-hobby

71 An-interview-with-Nadine-May-a-Hubpages-writing-challenge

72 /The-Hanging-Gardens-from-Babylon

73 Welcome-into a new year

74 /8-alternative-on-line-discussions

75 Becoming-a-virtual-entrepreneur

76 Life-is-like-a-Monopoly-game

77 Are-we-controlled-by-TIME-while-we-dream

78 Did-Akhenaton-know-the-science-of-Alchemy

79 How-our-beliefs-create-our-human-reality




What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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