The Five stages of our Spiritual Awakening

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The Five stages of our Spiritual Awakening through a Visionary Fiction journey are:

(1) Motivation, (2) Our beliefs, (3) Faith, (4) Direct experience, and (5) Personal transformation.

The First stage – motivation . This stage is always hidden in our intent. Feel the passion surfacing within you to wake up, like it does with Ingrid!
(1) The Reality ShiftersIngrid’s journal  –

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The Second stage – Our beliefs

2) Orphanage of Soulmates

The Third Stage – Faith

(3) Faith or trust, or simply knowing and applying what one knows, without the need to always understand what one knows brings us into The Third stage

Many lightworkers have now reached this stage, written about by Annelies in her journal Vanishing Worlds. This novel is about our spiritual awakening, which is a direct experience.

Through her creative decoding program to awaken The Body Codes of Light,( workbook not yet published) Annelies is strengthened by her inner guide and her soul family to let go of fear-driven memories of her past. The readers will recognize that the year 2022 is merely a turning point when people choose to be Keepers of Earth.

The 4th stage – Direct experience,

(4) When you’ve made a connection with the Spiritual worlds and tapped into the Love and Light energies that reside there in the form of Light beings, angels or spirit guides, Tulanda will take you immediately to The Fourth stage

Your spiritual unfolding in Tulanda’s journal. Parallel Worlds. – (not yet in print!) moves us away from this third dimension. Her main message is: Pay no attention to those barking about the end times since this moment is our Birth.

Through our intuitive skills, meditations and creative visualizations do we adventure into this fourth level of awakening, written about in the workbook The Language of Light with the 7 chakra journals

(5) Once you’ve truly experienced being a multidimensional, spiritual divine being your physical life will never be the same again. POWAH will expose how the prophet’s game was introduced to the Jaarsma clan’s group Soul, written about in all the light-worker journals. In a Universe made out of energy, everything is entangled, everything is one.
This final novel in the ascension series is still in its manuscript stage