The Language of Light

It is possible to communicate with every person on the planet, regardless of what language they speak. YES!  There Is there a telepathic connection between each human being who is on a similar wavelength. Nadine explains this, what she calls a soul language in this video.

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Can we use doodling as a form of communication?

Nadine’s workbook The Language of Light was written as a companion piece to her visionary fiction novels :  Awakening series, Nadine May offers the reader an opportunity to awaken those lost memories and as a result achieve a higher level of consciousness.

The Language of LightMind Drawing Through the Higher Self

Amazon link. The Language of Light – Mind Drawing Through the Higher Self

Mind drawing and doodling takes the readers of my workbook; The Language of Light, on a creative journey about themselves. By learning how to interpret and understand the symbolic language and the color vibrations of their own drawings, a symbolic language appears. These symbols form an energy expression of a soul Quality. The Soul qualities that we all have within us, come alive through action! This video explains the chakra system and how doodling resonates to our thought-patterns. My fully illustrated mind-drawing workbook takes the reader on an inner journey by tapping into the language of their soul.

Amazon link to the workbook

By publishing color-in cards (taken from the workbook) and post these on Zazzle a print-on-demand product website,  readers and workshop facilitators on the Language of Light can now create a set of cards and use it as a meditation tool for their daily lives.

The first card posted on online is the Base chakra card – our instinctual mind channel ( on page 61 on the workbook) The PDF of this workbook can also be downloaded.

spinning base for blog

When the spinning force of this Root Chakra with all the 6 Language of light frequencies is experienced physically, we are truly preparing a body temple for our Soul in order to become the master of our third dimensional form.

The creative activities on some of the doodling and color-in products with zazzle will further establish a firmer grounding cord  due to the intent each creative individual is meditating on when focusing on their their Base Chakra.

Start your own doodling workshop from home


Forgiveness is the leader vibration of the Language of Light. When we embrace this quality we will have the determination to pursue our soul purpose or our visions in order to manifest them into physical form. Draw your final symbol of forgiveness in the circle within your card. This 1st frequency of the soul carries the gift of change, determination and for some leadership qualities.

From the Language of Light workbook.

What is truly a bonus are the many products on Zazzle that are already decorated with the Base Chakra and the universal symbol of forgiveness.

Join my doodle workshop with Zazzle


Thanks for reading my post.

Nadine May



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