Nadine May – Author

Nadine’s writing career started when she won an S.A literary award in 1999 for the first chapter of a novel. In 2000 A friend recommended that she should send her manuscript titled: My love We are Going Home, to Kima Global Publishers. In 2001 she moved to Cape Town to join Robin in his publishing company. Today she is still very involved as the Creative director of Kima Global Publishers.
Her field of interest is the awakening to our ascension. Through her art therapy and decoding workshops, a fictional human plot was born. Exploring an awakening by writing the lightworkers journals about the Jaarsma clan became her mission.
Her series of visionary fiction novels is a fictional plot-driven storyboard about the awakening and activation of the nine main character psychic powers due to the workshops they are all attending. She has incorporated the Language of light workshops ( seen in the video ) and her forthcoming Body Codes of Light workbook classroom as the core focus where through dialogue her reader can follow a multi-dimensional scenario that could be real

Her investigations on this topic are also published through this WordPress blog – ‘The end times” –

Her latest novel- The Reality Shifters has its own blog where her plan is to share the dialog about ascension topics between her characters.

Through FacebookTwitterLinkedInMindsMeWePinterest and several other social networks groups. Nadine is connected to co-lightworkers who all want to make a difference in this world.

Have a Look at the video clip on the mind drawing workshop on The language of Light The Shoot the Breeze Productions took for Free Spirit TV on channel 2 and 3 in South Africa.

The Language of Light is available for Online Ordering in SA – Check it here









What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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