Annelies – the ascension workshop facilitator

annelies the teacher

  • Are we all born as a result of an idea?

My name is Annelies. I’m not really sure who Annelies is. I could just as well be a character in a novel. How real is that? But of course, I think I do exist just as you, the visitor that reads these annelieswords. I’m well aware that the world as I see and experience it is a projection of my mind. So be it. My family and friends know and love me, as I love them and with their help, I have been guided to develop and run an ascension card game online.

Some of us still remember an existence where there was no form, sound, fragrance, time or space. It was a reality where the I of us all was in everything, simultaneously.

It was a reality where the mind cannot live. The moment we try to go there, our minds hold us back, so we have to find a way to go beyond our minds.
the awakening game card_curl

“Is that at all possible”, I often asked.

The answer to that question came gradually, by allowing my mind to play a game.

The aim of our ascension – workshop is to create and play the awakening game. We want to take each player beyond the perception of this world of duality. Meaning, the winner (everyone will be a winner) of the ascension game will have awakened from the dream, which started long ago

I’ve written many articles about this ‘board game’ but when I was told to write my journal and share the effect my decoding workshops had on my family and friends, I realized that the people in my life are the mirror of me. None of them would have been in my reality if they could not be a reflection in some way. I wrote my journal in all honesty and later my daughter Tulanda, reshaped my journal into a novel: Vanishing Worlds as she had done for Ingrid and Richard.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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