Liesbeth / Tulanda a walk-in

Are we all actors on a stage?

tulanda the walkin

Many people know me as Liesbeth, and only later when I’m about to write my own journal, do people get to know me as Tulanda.

When I am into my ‘creative’ awareness level as I write this introduction, (being the creative observer), that does not mean that I am constantly reacting to the knowing that I’m just a character, like the characters in the awakening novels that I’ve edited. Often I still get swiped up in the illusion of it all. That means that my persona, ‘The role player’ the actor, that responds to the name Liesbeth, or …to the role as Tulanda.

I go by two names! Why?

It was my choice to play both roles, just like it was (and still is) your decision to play your role (s). Yes, we are all actors on a stage. I suggest that you start
pretending that you are already watching your whole script, your acting,
and how you interact with others. Soon you will be able to partake in
Annelies’ decoding workbook: Your Body Codes of Light.  This creative
decoding game will guide you through the turbulent times we often
experience. It will be your handbook into a new paradigm.

anti universeWhere do I come from?

Our solar system is situated in what would be considered an anti-universe. Our antimatter solar system is the mirror existence
of this solar system of matter. Today most physicists accept that all atomic particles have mirror antiparticles. 

My Group-Soul family belongs to the 7th Astrael Division and serve as guardians of this solar system. Planet Earth is very important to us.  Our Sitonian division will never again visit planet Earth in force, for this would be violating one of the most cherished laws of the Twelve Planets that were implemented after they left this planet 6000 years ago.
My ‘father’, who is one of the Galactic Superiors that oversees the federation of the Twelve Planets, is in regular telepathic contact with my soul partner and me during our lives on Earth as Hans and Liesbeth.

An intercession was decided on by the Council of Nine and both Hans and I was chosen to become what is known as walk-ins to oversee the awakening of the Jaarsma Group-Soul. The spokesperson for this group soul known as POWAH would embody between 25%-75% of its divine soul energy through 144 incarnations on Earth in order to activate the ascension process before planet Earth’s cosmic shift.

If the Outer worlds (dark forces) have their way and rob planet Earth of her valuable minerals, it would have serious consequences in both our universes. Unfortunately, the Outer world forces, as we call them, have found a way of getting around this. Instead, man on Earth will do the plundering for them! It will then seem that the Outer worlds had nothing to do with it.

How did they do this?

They planted polluted negative energy codes! (See them as a ‘virus’ that can wipe away all your data – files – information!)
In replacement through biological engineering, they programmed your ancestors in order to fill their predestines social roles.  When I take on the task of writing my journal on the fourth level: Parallel Realities,   I will share with the reader how we are all Divine beings who are partaking, on a physical level, playing an Evolution Game.
Richard’s journal Orphanage of Souls may help readers to see how they too belong to an individual soul, Over-Soul and a Group-Soul. Sumerian-texts

During Earth’s awakening process many group souls will awaken in order to partake in the journey home with the help of The Language of Light symbols that were left behind by our ancestors, who were seen as gods who originally came from our local Solar System.

Both Hans and I have overseen the editing of the first eleven divine songs in order to synchronize the latest interpretations with the ancient Sumerian texts that have been found in the Mesopotamia region…

Below are the articles I’ve written for this website in order to prepare my readers for the times when Planet Earth’s realities become very unstable.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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