Blueprints for Awakening

Twenty years ago while siting quietly in his garden spiritual seeker Premananda received an inner message telling him to go and document the old Indian Masters on film before they passed away. He had no film experience, no equipment and no notion of how to bring this idea to fruition. The result of the epic personal journey that followed is the critically acclaimed and unique documentary film Blueprints for Awakening – Wisdom of the Indian Masters, which presents in full colour the Teachings of some of the most renowned sages of our times.

Over the years, Premananda’s deep love of Truth inspired him to meet and befriend many Indian Saints and Masters. Finally, armed with a video camera and a list of twelve questions which he composed around the teachings of arguably India’s most respected modern-day sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi, he began collecting the rare interviews with sixteen contemporary Indian Masters which can be found in this film. The questions relate to the major topics which one meets on the spiritual journey: Awakening, Self-enquiry, the nature of the mind and the world. The film answers twelve questions especially relevant to those on or interested in the Spiritual Path:

So ask yourself”

Who am I?’ ‘Who are you?

What is enlightenment?

Are there any qualifications for enlightenment? Is sadhana (spiritual practice) necessary?

Sri Ramana said that Self-enquiry is the most direct route to Enlightenment. What is Self-enquiry?

What is the true understanding of the world?

It has been suggested that the mind must be destroyed for liberation to occur. Do you have a mind? How to destroy the mind?

What about vasanas, the tendencies of the mind? Must these be removed before Self-realisation can become permanent?

Sri Ramana says, ‘He who is thus endowed with a mind that has become subtle, and who has the experience of the Self is called a ‘jivanmukta’. Is this the state that can be called Self-realised?

Who is the guru? What is the guru’s role? How to recognise a true guru?

When you meet someone with a passion for awakening, what would your short advice be?

“To a true artist only that face is beautiful which, quite apart from its exterior, shines with the truth within the soul” ~Mahatma Gandhi

This above film so reminded my of myself at 28 when I had a profound experience during the seventies.

The Illuminati’s worst nightmare comes True
Millions of hearts combining with unprecedented force to change and heal the world we live in. Think of it as instant concentrations of focused vibrational energy and raised frequency. Oust the darkness, and beam the light. The more we express our soul’s passion, instead of the will of the Ego, the more our awareness will increase.

We are living in the most exciting period of our history, we will prevail, and the Illuminati, satanic cults, Freemasonry, and every other cancerous organization on the planet have been put on notice. They will not prevail. Blessings to you!! We are winning!!!!!

Peace and blessings to one and all


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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