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Our difficult changing times on EARTH

tulanda the walkin

Are we all actors on a stage?
My journal: ‘Our parallel world‘ will be about the moments when ” the natural “constraints of our new awareness levels between 2012 – 2020 is shifting. We are evolving as a global community.

Everyone uses their potential to create, but the danger is that is we are not entirely focused the result may be chaos. Many are not yet aware that they are the co-creators.
Once we can all link into unity consciousness, then the restrictions we now experience will cease to be. All this stuff that is happening in this 3D reality, to constrain us was once agreed upon, for a reason…

We may be limitless, but our human experience has its limits. As the LIGHT makes all things visible so that we are able to see, we learn from the perspective of our human experience what has been much needed for us to learn.

At the start of our enlightenment, between 2012 – 2020 a time will come that there this constraint will be lifted. As the freedom to knowingly create within the constraints of our new education becomes the norm – and the effect of our creative outpouring dresses our future, ( one of harmony and peace) the things we have been in desperate need of will transform from deeply troubling actions…to actions of nurturing love.

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