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Dearly beloved
During the time of your awakening!

Its to make a promise, or an intent. It’s our intent or mission to bring into awareness that you are a divine energy stardust particle trapped in the illusion of a holographically created time-zone. The human mind has been tampered with, (the fall) and came to experience that physical matter is solid, limited and controlled by a cosmic clock.

When the first human was created, the collective consciousness behind the creation was still fully aware of being the God/Goddess of its creation!
Within every atomic particle of the original genetic blueprint — the human DNA program — particles of energy are imagined into existence with predetermined forms. The lines of movement exist in the form of vortices or waves. It forms a grid. Annelies uses this idea in her decoding workshops. The form is a persistent memory. If change of form is imposed upon a particle it will maintain the change only whilst the force of change remains. When the force of change is removed it will revert immediately to its original ‘natural’ form. But something went wrong. The distortion in the genetic blueprint did not revert back to the original shape memory, even when the cause of distortion was removed.

The result was that you all have forgotten that each individual is imbued with full consciousness of the divine, some call it the I Am of Spirit.

It’s our mission to awaken the consciousness of the divine within you all.I’m POWAH the spokes person of the groupsoul energy named the Jaarsma Clan. An idea was implanted in Nadine’s mind from the moment of her birth. She was known as Hermien for many years before the ‘idea’ surfaced. It took at least a further 20 earth years before she could interpret our idea, which was the concept of a group soul who – as a co-creator – recalled the time when the original human blueprint was explored on planet Earth.

Many religions called us Gods, but we were never that. We were very evolved. We were co-creators that explored the galaxies in order to explore the I AM of the great Spirit through our own creations. We could shift into any dimensions, we could materialise and dematerialise at will into any form, shape or substance known to us, but we could never be the I AM of the great Spirit. We had no intent to be that, we were just like human beings ( but more evolved)

Many of your science fiction writers came very close to recall the ‘times’ when we were still in embodiment, but due to the distortions, the element of darkness that is within all, clouded the truth. The result of this darkness was that most people in medieval Europe believed in the ‘absolute truths’ of dogmatic religion. They also believed that the Earth was flat. They were constrained to Europe by their limiting beliefs. Before Christopher Columbus could set out to discover America, he had to break free of the flat earth mentality and see the ‘end of the world’ as a horizon beckoning him toward the discovery of new worlds. Today people have to break free of the death mentality. Just like Columbus, people today must release any belief cords about physical death in order to fully wake up.

Each human being emits its own unique range of signature frequencies. These organised energy vibrations hold the information of your original genetic blueprint. This DNA information is stored within each atomic particle that forms matter. This website is all about the de-coding of your original blueprint.

The idea of the Jaarsma Clan came into being in order to conceptualise how consciousness becomes a form. Its our intent to reach as many people as possible during the last Earth years before the great light has reached your solar system. Hermien changed her name to Nadine when she was told to change her life in order to walk the ascension path. She needed to make a break from her past life in order to bring about the creation of the Jaarsma clan, which she has translated through the awakening novel series and the workbooks.

When souls are awakened by more and more intensive rays of spiritual light, soon the I AM of every human soul will once again become like a star on his/her return journey.

Through this cyberspace address, it is our vision that many individuals experience this empowering feeling of having awakened this Limitless Potential within, which is every soul’s right to receive. Your ancestors left behind encoded in their mythologies and religions many diverse perceptions of how they experienced this illumination that would lead to their ascension.

I will share through this forum and through the awakening novels many revolutionary stories from the history (akashic records) of Planet Earth. Most of the genetic decoding activities were rediscovered (awakened) through esoteric mysticism, science and life experiences of individuals. The Language of Light reflects the soul qualities each person must awaken within themselves in order to ascend.

Many more souls will come forward through this media to share their individual skills, talents and gifts for the purpose of awakening to full consciousness.

Consciousness is an all encompassing creative energy that permeates all matter. To bring this ‘knowing’ into human awareness is of the utmost importance in order to reinstate once again peace on earth during your planet’s ascension.

With great honour and love.


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