My Articles on Writing sites

I write for several websites that promote my work. ( 2023- 2018)  I hope you will find a topic of your interest among my titles. If you are interested in reading my short stories, or my creative novel ( book 2) is still in the making: The Self Employed Housewife, enjoy!   Most of the images that I created for my articles are to be found on Pinterest.

(Sadly it seems that Wikinut links from 2014- 2018 do not work anymore?) in 2021 I must find the articles and publish them here in my blog and link them here, or still find some of them on hubpages.

  1. My own Proof about Vision boards
  2. Visualizing our reality into existence
  3. The Story behind the Story
  4. Our Home Renovations
  5. Our dream is to be totally ‘off the grid’
  6. The LEMURIAN and ATLANTIAN Civilizations
  7. The Hidden Histories of Planet Earth
  8. Those in power have no power if we give them no power!
  9. Dreams – Jewels from the heart
  10. What does the Tree of life, and the God-dess Eywa in the movie Avatar have in common?

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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