Nadine May – Graphic artist

I’m a novelist but think in pictures. Story telling is a form of mental imagery, so I love to do both.

I Love innovative design, graphics, art & crafts. My Just kidding stores are all about my past and present artworks. The name ‘Just kidding’ was an clothing label I owned during the early nineties. was my first P.O.D shop.

When I heard about Redbubble through a friend in September 2014, That was the start of a whole new adventure. I decided to gather my years of work in different media and prepare the photos for the projects that are offered on this site. That in itself is an interesting new direction, creating collections from my imagery work with the use of Photoshop. During the following months I found many other similar websites and made many new friends through the social media.

I’ve always been actively involved in creative projects from childhood, and still now as a 60+ artist I work in oils, but for the last 15 years my creative work has mostly been involved in the book publishing industry. Book covers, posters, article images and illustration work has influenced my passion for the visual expression of the mind. Together with my partner, Robin Beck, the publisher of Kima Global, we publish books that make a difference to peoples lives.

If you are shopping for unusual gifts, then please visit my on-line shopping blog. I design graphics for Zazzle, Society6, Redbubble and several more P.O.D…websites. Here are some example products.

My three Zazzle online shops

Just kidding has a lot of my leather work from early days for sale on many different products.

Welcome to my Just Kidding store

just kidding N zazzle banner

I used to own a leather clothing label called Just Kidding.
Today my store will have all quality goods from the leather look to fantasy art and many more modern designs that will enhance all Zazzle’s products. Here is a link to the latest products in this store on Zazzle—1–~r-customize.html

 Welcome to my ‘Awakening’ store on Zazzle

awakening banner

Welcome to the Awakening Shop! Please come and browse our growing selection of products from my graphic designs all to do with ‘our awakening’. I will include my designs on Owls, Nature Spirit Fantasy and the mystical. Here is a link to the latest products in this store on Zazzle:—1–~r-customize.html

Welcome to the Kima Global store

collection banner

Welcome to the Kima Global Shop! Browse our growing selection of products. Being the creative director of our book publishing house Kima Global  I was looking for ways to market our titles, since we hold the copy right of our book covers. Enjoy! Here is a link to the latest products in this store on Zazzle:—1–~r-customize.html
Yes, No or Maybe No-Problem Dice Spiral Note Book


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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