The Five stages of our Spiritual Awakening

The Five stages of Creativity
During the years that I gave drawing skill classes, I used the following 5 creative steps to
help the students enhance their perception skills.

Everything we create seems to follow a similar formula.
Whether we bake a cake, build a house, plan a holiday or create any art form, the five steps are the same.

First stage.  We have to have an idea!  We need to know what we want to manifest in our lives in order to move on to the next stage.  We need to know what we want to attract or manifest as an experience. Then the idea has to be investigated.

We move into the Second stage in order to gather information surrounding our idea.

If you hold an intent, an idea or a thought in your mind long enough, your mind will manifest it with the help of your energy bodies.

Knowing that, the next observation is to recognize that there are five creative stages in every endeavor we embark on in life. You can apply this structure throughout your life. See where you might have skipped a stage. There is no time frame as to how long we stay in each stage, but when we use this formula, we become aware at which stage most of our obstacles or opportunities appear.

After we feel we have gathered enough information we move to the Third stage. Now we try the idea out with the backing of the gathered information. Its also the Third stage where miscalculations are corrected.

I’ve come to understand how the creative power behind our intent, especially when it is accompanied with feeling works. We create an attractor field around us.

We are the observer of our own creation, our own dream, our own manifestations.  We would not experience ‘life’ the way we do if we were not at the same time our own observer.
After this third rehearsal stage we move into the Fourth stage where the energy of synchronicity guides us to improve our preparation in order to manifest our desires.  We find solutions in order to overcome obstacles.  Brainstorming sessions are fruitful.  We are our own observer.

This stage can also be  addictive; meaning, many people never move from this stage into the Fifth stage where all the first four stages have to be applied!  We all know people who say: “ I always wanted to … travel..or write a book!”
The fifth stage means that now you have to apply action!
Now your idea has to manifest itself.  If it has not, you have to look at which stage your idea has procrastinated.

Nadine May

My personal Manifestation as an author 

 The ascension series

(1) Motivation, (2) Our beliefs, (3) Faith, (4) Direct experience, and (5) Personal transformation.
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The Awakening Clan blogThe first stage This stage is always hidden in our intent. Feel the passion surfacing within you to wake up, like it does with Ingrid!
(1) The Awakening Clan – Ingrid’s journal

The second stage

The astral explorer.jpg web

    Now we have to re-evaluate our belief system, for believing in something or somebody does not lead one to the truth. One must first learn to ‘believe’ in ourselves first and foremost, thereby creating a new level of understanding. When I use the word ‘belief’ watch out for the word lie that is hidden in this word! We all need to clear out our distorted beliefs thus opening the first door for our divine soul to partake in our ascension process. This is often a stage of gathering information, when knowledge and wisdom connects us to our true higher self. Often this clearing is done during sleep time the way Richard has done.

The cosmic traveler web2) The Astral Explorer and the Cosmic Traveler –

(3) Faith or trust, or simply knowing and applying what one knows, without the need to always understand what one knows brings us into The Third stage

Many light workers have now reached this stage, written about by Annelies in her journal Vanishing Worlds.Vanishing Worlds - web This novel is about our spiritual awakening, which is direct experience.
Through her creative decoding program to awaken The Body Codes of Light, she is strengthened by her inner guide and her soul family to let go of fear driven memories of her past. The readers will recognize that the year 2011 is merely a turning point when people choose to be Keepers of Earth.

(4) When you’ve made a connection with the Spiritual worlds and tapped into the Love and Light energies that reside there in the form of Light beings, angels or spirit guides, Tulanda will take you immediately to The fourth stage

Your spiritual unfolding in Tulanda’s journal. Parallel Worlds. – (not yet in print!)moves us away from this third dimension. Her main message is: Pay no attention to those barking about the end times, since this moment is our Birth.

(5) Once you’ve truly experienced being a multidimensional, spiritual divine being your physical life will never be the same again. POWAH will expose how the prophet’s game was introduced to the Jaarsma clan’s group soul, written about in all the light-worker journals.
In a Universe made out of energy, everything is entangled, everything is one.





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