A Vision of Our World at – 2020

Transformation Predictions

Many people are convinced that humanity will soon either perish due to global warming, ( or global cooling) rising tides, be taken over by alien forces (perhaps in the next fourteen years) or… approach a kind of enlightenment unlike anything that has existed previously.


What do I mean?

We like to believe that we do have a choice if this transformation is happening, but not the way many think. Instead what will happen is that our ‘perceived idea about our physical reality’ will change. Many will awaken to an awareness that our physical world is a dream-like illusion.

There are so many advanced technologies available to humankind if they would just “see” beyond the deception of profit and gain.
The universal wave-fields are filled with information, electromagnetism and energy beyond what most humans can imagine and it is there in plain sights, like lightning.
Nicola Tesla understood this and tried to bring this gift to the world but he got shut down.
It is all a construct based on a divine template of universal creation and works the same all over the universes and multiverse, but, I guess, most folks here are so invested in the lies they have been told, they don’t want to know the truth.

From the moment we are born here we are entered into a slavery system and indoctrinated into this system that is programmed into our brains which is like the RAM (Random Access Memory) of a computer It responds to what has been programmed into it.
So what they eyes see, what the sounds heard through the ears, what the skin feels, what the tongue tastes and the nose smells is filtered through our neural system into the brain and it responds accordingly as it has been per-programmed to.
It is only our 6th sense that can deliver us from this because the neural pathway to the brain is different when we engage our Pineal gland and gain back our intuitive senses.

Predictions are not my thing, But I have some idea…
That a large degree of consensus at a global level, like a decreasing shift in economic wealth and power, particularly towards Brazil, Russia, India and Africa seems inevitable. Pollution, environmental destruction, poverty and political wars resulting in an economic depression never experienced before will plunge human society in chaos.
New challenges for governance and transparent leadership will emerge. Decreased world population and the scarcity of energy, food and water will bring more hardship, but in 2021 we will experience a technological change on an astonishing scale.

Do We have a choice?

Only when we stand together, only when we are united can we defeat this defeat this highly entrenched dark enemy. (Illuminati, deep-state, Cabal)
Their power and control relies heavily on an uneducated population.

A population that trust without individual thought. A population the obeys without challenge. A population that remains outside of free thought, and instead remains isolated living in fear inside a closed-loop echo chamber of the controlled mainstream media.

We the people must become the Reality Shifters.

Yes! we all do have a choice. its to Wake Up! Become a Reality Shifter.

I’ve been guided to write about these years through the media of visionary fiction. Like movies, reading fiction can project a vision for the good of all… in our minds.

Reading fiction, especially if it is visionary, fantasy or predictive writing, is absorbed by the reader’s mind as a possibility, and can shift our perception towards a higher good. Reading a fictional plot might remind the reader – subconsciously – that even his or her own life is a made up story, but while reading ( for pleasure) about a human plot; that so relates globally to our human reality, it almost starts to feel as if the reader is getting a glimpse of a possible future. So the reader is – subconsciously – given to an idea that they do have a choice.

Reading a story can be a form of meditation. While you read, you mind sets the stage for an illusion dream world. Every reader will create their own individual backdrop to the story that will project or even enhance their own journey to reach full awakening, if they have chosen to, or have the desire to go home.

We live in the times of the great ‘Questioning’

Most, if not all of us who are moving through times of extreme turbulence in our individual lives, must gather enough spiritual knowledge in order to ride the tides, so to speak. Words cannot really express what lies ahead, because they get misinterpreted by our EGOs, or personas. Like the characters on a stage, or the actors in a movie, its theirs or our own personas (EGOs) which are totally influenced by our individual mindsets. Therefore we must use our physical computer, the brain to the best of its capability.

So how do we move away from our own minds?

Watch out, our personas are very cunning. ‘Let’s become spiritual’, is whispered in our inner ears! So now the question is, who is controlling who? Our personas can guide us through ideas that might be totally illusionary, or…we have asked for help from our higher divine mind. In that case how do we know the difference?

Ask and it shall be given

These times are also seen by many as moving into the light. Light enables us to see, and what is “in the light”, i.e., illuminated by the Light, is visible, perceptible, understandable and possible to become fully known. Darkness disables our ability to see, and what is “in the dark”, because it is buried in our unconscious, not illuminated, is not visible, not perceptible as a reality so it stays unknown unless …we draw it into the light!

We have a choice!

Do we ignore our own ignorance to our own darkness, by believing it is already forgiven! Or do we take responsibility for our own darkness by consciously forgiving ourselves every time a situation arises in our lives that clearly mirrors our ‘stored away darkness’?

There is no judgement in how you have chosen to wake up, since there are many different journeys that will all eventually leads us home.
For some this transition into the light can be emotional, for some political, or spiritual and for many social. Social changes usually go hand in hand with financial, survival and health issues, therefore my Awakening novels:

Visions through the articles from: Annelies, Richard, Toon, Trevor, and Tulanda are the following…..

The script or story line of an illusion reality, like ours!…

During our Earth times (2020) large groups of people will break away from hierarchical control and, guided by their intuition, find a path towards increased wholeness. They are starting to ‘see’ with their higher mind what is and always was a dream, or a program named ‘Planet Earth’. They therefore during this lifetime have chosen to wake up from the dream in order to go home. Meaning to shift from this illusion world towards a higher mental created parallel reality (also a illusion world) but where pain, sickness and decay are not experienced anymore. They do not move away or go somewhere else. No, since it is all an illusion so that is not possible. Instead, many like-minded people on the planet at these times move into communities all over the world in order to live together in harmony until they have reached their individual full enlightenment. It that is their intent. They share their journeys by telling their own story. They become their own observers first, before they learn to let go of any belief they held on to about themselves. This is done with the help of a higher spiritual guide named POWAH

How did they learn to release, forgive and transform distorted thought forms?
They do this by joining a genetic decoding workshop named the Reality Shift workshop. Annelies the facilitator explains how she was ‘guided’ to create a decoding system in order to awaken their original genetic code. The players are learning that their own mind illusion is held in ‘form’ by creation codes. They meet others through Annelies’ workshop, who are of like mind and together they help each other to break away from ‘the program’.

The difficulty is that they each individually perceive their reality still from the point of view of their personas, and so they have all asked for inner guidance.

The years before’ the great awakening’ can be recognized by the readers, due to the hierarchies (political, scientific, religious groups, monetary systems ) that are started to break down (between 2020- 2021), probably largely in a chaotic way. Remember that any creation or creativity is born out of chaos. The paradox to understand is that the very process that seems to break down the world economy and political dominance is also the one that paves the way for Enlightenment. The Jaarsma Clan starts to experience what it can be like to forgive their own ignorance.

Because of the horrific negative toxic thought forms that are coming UP to be released (and forgiven) being perpetrated in the Middle East and mirrored by the wars in Iraq, a tremendous amount of stress has been placed on the Crystal Grid System in those regions. The entity we call Planet Earth, that is following the same awakening journey as the Jaarsma Clan is waking up from its own dream! It’s persona – the matrix – is doing its best to keep the program going, but the planetary higher mind ‘Gaia’, has heard its plea for help.

With the cooperation of the Plant and Elemental Kingdoms, Light workers all over the world must all balance the mounting pressure with healing ceremonies of Light and sound directing it into the body of Mother Earth.
Remember that you have been reading a plot, or did you think it was for real? Could it be that none of it is for real, even YOU the reader are not for real?
The two creative mind-drawing books on The Language of Light , and Meditations on the Language of Light, will bring enlightenment to each reader’s inner world during these times; where the core of our spiritual essence is found.

Ascension occurs when our human body vibrates on a higher frequency so our Soul can evolve beyond the cycle of a physical reincarnation into the lower 3dr dimension, this and many that follow all have the same intent.

The Creative Doodling Journals in Full Color

‘The Awakening’ of humanity, will be experienced like crossing a large bridge — from one age to another. When we look back, we will witness the End of Days as we know it. We are moving from one dream into another as we enter the time of the Disappearance (ascension). Realities are shifting as we go through a metamorphosis… one from which humanity will emerge into an expanded reality…

The Language of Light workbook and journals combined are the workshops mentioned in all my novels. They are created for individual doodle artists and people who would love to give these creative workshops on the Language of Light from their own home with the help of the main workbook. Soon these creative workshops will be offered online.
Many of the artwork I created for this project are now also published on products for the home at Zazzle. You will find most of the products in my Collection folder titled The Language of Light.

Could it be that our ‘awakening’ seems as if we are witnessing the End Of Days as we know it?
Remember that what we can Visualize we can Materialize!


Nadine May


5 thoughts on “A Vision of Our World at – 2020

  1. I agree Nadine, sadly though the media of TV and Fiction is writing us a doomed history and people’s minds are filled with those visions. If we could all mainly envisage a brighter future it would happen because we envisioned it, but will enough people envision it. I know from my own small world I am surrounded by very closed uninterested , unenlightened minds.

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