Is there Life after 2012?


Within the new paradigm, (after 2012) the Quantum universe will be seen as ‘whole’ and ’interconnected’. This can explain the power of our consciousness to extend (out-of-body experiences that Richard writes about in his journals The Astral Explorer. and in The Cosmic Traveller) or expand to include other persons (telepathy that Ingrid writes about in her journal: The Awakening Clan or objects (intention and extended sense perception) that Annelies writes about in her journal Vanishing Worlds. Our consciousness is, in fact, ‘holographic’ in nature, that is, able to extend three-dimensionally in time and space and to interact with outside influences.

Who were, and are the teachers who seem to have mastered living outside of time?

Back on the other parallel world where I come from we were told that one of our teachers visited this Earth plane dimension long ago, after the co-creators left. He was known as…Saint Germain


Saint-Germain was a man of between forty and fifty. He disappeared for fifteen years, and when the Comtesse d’Adhemar saw him again in 1775, she declared that she found him younger than ever. When she saw him again twelve years later he still looked the same. While he deliberately allowed his listeners to believe that his life had lasted inconceivably long, he never actually said so. He proceeded by veiled allusions. It was his intent to show to the people in his time that there is no natural law of death or decay for man, except through accident.

According a friend of Saint Germain by the name of Gleichen, his words were: “He diluted the strength of the marvelous in his stories. When he was telling a fool some event of the time of Charles V, he informed him quite crudely that he had been present. But when he spoke to somebody less sophisticated, he contented himself with describing the smallest circumstances.” His friend said that when Germain explained to his audience in detail the faces and gestures, the room and a part of it with such vivacity and in such detail, they received the impression that he had actually been present at the scene. “These fools of Parisians,’ he said to me one day, they believe that I am five hundred years old. I confirm them in this idea because I see that it gives them much pleasure — not that I am not infinitely older than I appear.”

We are all immortal beings having a physical experience.

No inevitable old age process exists within the physical body or group cells – nothing can gradually age the individual, except the thoughts he thinks every split second in a life time.
Death is, then, an avoidable accident. Senile decay is an expression of pure ignorance. Disease is, above all, dis-ease, meaning, absence of ease or peace. When sweet joyous peace of the spirit is reflected through the mind and in the body, we are then again immortal beings having a physical experience.

It’s hard to accept that any disease conditions are of mind and body. Especially in babies and children, but since most of us do not know the bigger picture that the soul of an ill person chooses to experience, who are we to judge.

Even accidents are preventable by appropriate mental attitude. “The tone of the body may be so preserved that it may naturally resist with ease infections and other disease, like plague and influenza.” Any person can swallow germs and may never develop any disease at all.

In our training on Sitonia we were warned that the illusion of ‘Time’ on Planet Earth’s third dimension was very deceiving.

In the days of Atlantis when I was a young girl

When I visited the pyramid of Giza in Egypt for my work, in the King’s Chamber I had a flash back to two other life times; a life as Tulanda, and a life as a girl slave.
My life during the time of Atlantis was very difficult and I was poverty-stricken at this time when the priests of the continent Atlantis were in power. Life was even more horrendous when you were from Lemurian descent. (As it is today for many people on the planet who are born into a less privileged race or culture)
At that particular point in time Atlantis had already lost its technology, for its scientific centres in the north had been destroyed long previously.

As Tulanda I had learned that in their experiments with traveling on light, the Atlantians had pierced the cloud cover that completely surrounded our planet Earth, much as it surrounds Venus today.
Today there is a lot of talk about global warning, but in those times the scientists did not care about the safely and health of our planet, because they were not prepared to give up their luxurious lifestyles. (feel familiar?)

When the scientist of those days pierced the stratosphere, great waters fell and a freeze occurred, which put most of Lemuria and the northern parts of Atlantis under water; thus the people from Lemuria and the north of Atlantis fled to the southern regions of Atlantis. My ancestors came from Lemuria.
During this short ice age their technology was lost in the north and life gradually became primitive in the south. During the next hundred years before all of Atlantis was submerged, the southernmost region become more primitive. Atlantis had degenerated into the rule of tyrants. The tyrants governed the people not through a republic but by decree and irrefutable law. In the government of irrefutable law, the Lemurians were considered the dung of the earth, less than a dog in the street. The levels of Consciousness had dropped below what was necessary to understand the law of cause and effect.

When today we listen to the news that is reported from around the world, it sometimes feels as if I’m back in those days, when I was a girl child of around nine sold into slavery.

When Annelies asked me to start writing my own awakening journal, I later recalled that during my Atlantian life time it was common to see the brutalization of children and the beating and rape of women in our streets, while Atlantian elders were watching! It was common to see Atlantians pass a starving Lemurian on the road and hold their noses with kerchiefs of fine linen dipped in jasmine and rose water, for we were considered stinking, wretched things. We were the no-things, the soulless, mindless wastes of intellect because we were without the scientific understanding of such things as gases and light. Because we did not possess an intellectual bent, as it were, we were turned into slaves to work the fields. (sound familiar?)

Today I often wonder, what sort of dream was I in? Now I know that I was to learn through experience the arrogance and stupidity of our intellect. I needed to learn to be aware of my mental inner dialog while having an incarnation.
The only permanent “lifting of one’s conscious awareness levels”, which is not contrary to natural laws, is the uplifting of one’s own thoughts. As one learns to think only the most beautiful things possible, holding ourselves in the joyous vibrating existence of that ever present, glorious NOW, the realm of the soul, our physical form will be lifted to correspond with those thoughts.
As one lets only love and kindness pour forth from one’s heart and one’s mind learns to hold itself in the great stream of God’s concentrated love, they will receive and experience life more abundant and these people will be restored to beauty, both of form and feature.

Being part of a group soul spirit the Jaarsma clan has helped me to awaken to that relatively simple truth, but it nevertheless is not as easy as it seems.

Love is Life! One can become that love when one permits it to flow out through our being to enfold the world and every living thing upon it. In this outpouring love, one’s own soul is the first to receive the healing, maturing, glorifying powers of renewal and quickening. Next the physical body will be enhanced as one is rewarded openly for his or her own inner communion. Then it is that this love, in expanding and increasing grandeur and power, will flow out through one’s heart to help heal and bless our world.

It was also during my visit to the Pyramid of Giza that I recalled more flashes from that life time; how I had to endure many horrid moments while stinking grease was smeared upon my breast by men who undressed me with their eyes. I could not even do the most intimate bodily functions in private but had to do it in front of them, a most humiliating experience. The grease was not to further humiliate me, but when I breathed the fumes, it kept me awake. Much of my pride and hate had to give way to survival. It was then inside the King’s chamber that I recalled the voice that kept me from dying in my Atlantian life time. In the years of growing up I would often seek to recall the face of that voice.
One day I watched an old woman dying while clutching a crudely woven linen cloth she had made for her son who had perished long previously. I saw the woman pass into the light. As I watched the old woman shrivel in the light, her mouth opened to an aghast expression and her eyes became glazed, unaffected by the light. Nothing moved save the breeze in her grey hair. It was then that I began to contemplate everything around me.
I thought about the woman and her son who had perished, and I looked back at the sun, which never perished. I realised then that it was the very same sun the old woman had seen through a crack in the roof of her hovel when she first opened her eyes as a babe, and it was the last thing she saw when she died.
I looked again at the sun that evening, I cursed it. I watched it set upon the mantle of the mountains like a great fiery jewel, scarlet-eyed. I looked upon the purple mountains and the valley, already shrouded in mist, and saw rods of the sun’s light gild all things and make them illusionarily beautiful. I saw clouds, once the pallor of blue, become vividly alive in hues of scarlet, fire-rose, and pink.
I continued to watch the great light as it retired behind the mountains, now looming like piercing teeth on the horizon, until the last rods of its beauty had descended behind the last mount. I heard a night bird cry above me, and I looked into the heavens to see the pale moon waxing against a darkening sky. A breeze came up and as it blew my hair and dried my tears it made me sick in my being.
The sun set in its magnificence and the moon came up in spite of it all. That is when I began to ponder the Unknown God. All I wanted was to know, and that was the moment I started my soul’s journey.

In my journal ‘Our parallel world‘ I will share more of my Atlantian incarnation that earned me this life experience before the next cosmic shift that will soon be upon us.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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