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Over the last thirty years the term or word  Ascension was planted in my consciousness to be an absolute possibility for humanity, but I lacked the knowledge and understanding on how that was going to happen.

We do now live during the times many writings are referring to, and I will share some links to sites where I have found many of the answers I was looking for over the years.

Nadine May
More and more people are linked online. More and more people make friends all over the world from their office, lounge, living room and in my case from my office. Our physical reality is gradually merging with another dimension: the dimension of Cyberspace. Due to the time that it takes to update all my social networks, some might be outdated. My apologies.

What will the future hold for all of us? I share my daily experiences through this blog  and through the articles on Hubpages

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What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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