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New Updated – The Ascension Series

The Reality Shifters – 2018
Orphanage of Souls – Richards journals will be published as on novel in  2021
Vanishing Realities 
Parallel Worlds – forthcoming
Riddles of the Prophet’s Game — forthcoming
The New Updated Novel Series is now published to become
The Ascension Series.
The reasons for updating these novels is due to the times we live in. Most of the information came to Nadine over a period of thirty years, and during late 1995 she started to type on her son’s computer by allowing the characters come to life. Only through storytelling could she explain the visions, ideas and concepts about how our Earthly reality comes about. Our awakening comes in stages and for her, the information that was shown during the seventies was then UN-explainable.
History of the visionary fiction plot

The story of the Jaarsma Clan and their awakening happened over a period of twenty years. My love We are Going Home was written in 1995 and published in 2001 this award-winning novel was twice updated and re-titled as The Awakening Clan in 2003 and in 2007 followed by Richard’s journals: The Astral Explorer – 2008 and The Cosmic Traveller-2008 followed by Annelies’ journal Vanishing Words – 2011
An interview with Nadine May

The Language of Light – workbook 2003

The link above is all about the history of Nadine’s Doodle – Art therapy workbook.
This workbook has many doodle formats and how to do a general  interpretation of a doodlers artwork, very helpful for a facilitator who is inspired to give these Language of Light workshops from their own home.

This link some of the workbook reviews has been captured from her publishers website. Soon this workbook will be published in full color.

The Smaller Meditation on the Language of Light book is a great companion to the Wordbook. Through Nadine’s new blog lightworkersjournals ( still in progress)  she will share all the doodling designs and interpretations, including articles on the human and soul body Chakra systems.
(This workbook will be updated and published in full color in 2021)

Meditations on the Language of Light illustrated in full color

The Language of Light is available for Online Ordering in SA – Check it here 

Full color doodle Journal on the Base Chakra

Full color Journal on the Sacral Chakra

The Body Codes of Light – forthcoming
The Self Employed Housewife book 2 will soon be published in 2021


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