Should we prepare for the new currency that will replace the old?

Our, what would a money-less society really be like?
No more bills, banks, loans

I wrote this article a few years ago, and in 2016 we are still trapped into economic slavery. Why? In my visionary fiction novels I created the following ideas. My first novel was written at the end of 1999 and published in 2001, so I was then really ahead of my time.

I do like the Star Trek replicator option mentioned in the movie but given that it is not likely to occur in the near future, we should restrict ourselves to the immediate options at hand for what a money-less society might be like.

Could a barter system be an an alternative?

Many answers have noted the barter system as an alternative and it is.  However, barter system has severe limitations. In Star Trek, they portrayed a money less, socialist society where people strive for contribution to the society, rather than a competitive drive for material gain. ( like I write about through story telling). In Star trek this was made possible because the replicators were able to give every human a comfortable, and luxurious life. I feel that might work in small communities where everybody contributes a few hours of their time to use the skills they are known for and good at, and the rest of their time they work on projects they have a passion for. Ensuring all people start equally in life should be the main goal of such a system, but as a person ages the amount of effort they are willing to put in should determine where they end up. 

While writing my novels the common dream of my characters is to create a society in which a person’s value is not based on monetary net-worth and that there are higher goals and achievements open to every body  if  people can rid themselves of the chains of capitalism.  That was the aim of Toon, the builder of communities around the world. Our planet is in dire need of peaceful global revolution, our environment cries out for it and people are dying for it.

I like to think that  we are living during the awakening times while taking part of the human game. Therefore we need tools to keep a positive outlook on life. These tools are available to us in the a form of energy currency. I call them soul qualities.

The energy qualities of the soul

The soul qualities of love, compassion, generosity, kindness, forgiveness, understanding and empathy, to name only a few, are like gifts or particles of light that are now enter our individual energy fields at this time. These are the soul qualities that I see as the new currency we must freely exchange with each other.

These particles of light might not pay our financial bills as of yet, but they are for real, while our physical currency is an illusional program that is clearly coming to an end. For Greece it has happened already, and  many other counties are on the brink of collapse, or are bailed out, but is that the answer? I say let it happen. Let the economy of our world collapse, so we can start practicing what a new human Society would be like without the corruption and greed that resulted from the establishment of our fictitious currency.

Our individual wealth will never be ‘real’ through having money in our bank account. All that money stands for, are just numbers on paper or on a screen, which have no energy attached to it. There is no gold, assets or even individual skills as a value connected to it. The assets are the soul qualities that we each consciously embody and embrace during these times. We can use those light particles of love in every situation we experience in our world today. That is where our wealth lies.

Some people can choose to go into denial when they hear about how other people have to cope during great catastrophes, because their own individual reality is not yet affected, so they think, but that is not true. As a global community everything is related to everything else.
During these turbulent (labor) times each individual has to find a way to awaken to the truth that ‘the human game’ is like a program that has run its course. The good news is that a new ungraded version is already in the wings. The birth of this new reality game is already having major contractions, and like any birth, the painful moments during labor are often completely forgotten, after a new life has entered into our world.
Many of you will know what it feels like to welcome a new family member into our world, so just imagine what joy we would all experience when we have ascended from this 3rd dimension. We will also forget the labor pains that we now experience.

I’m incredibly thankful for the love and companionship I have received from all my online as well as my family and friends around me. To express my gratitude to you all I want to put one day a month aside in order to strengthen that feeling of joy; the joy of receiving an unexpected gift from someone else,especially from someone we have never seen or spoken to before.

Whoever reads this, look at your own wealth and see what action you can take to attract more of the ‘new currency into your life’. Those currencies of light will be your bank account.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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