A delusion is commonly defined as a fixed false belief and is used in everyday language to describe a belief that is either false, fanciful or derived from deception. The following article has been edited by me to make POWAH‘s message ( higher self) more understandable. His use of words is sometimes difficult to interpret, especially if some expressions are not in the reader’s vocabulary.

Dearly beloved.

When more and more people are awakening to their heart felt ideas, visions, and dream larger than life about possibilities, like ascending from this 3rd dimension, then the banking systems of your world will find it more difficult to hold any power over you. Their dream field can no longer sustain or influence those visions, so they collapse. (POWAH means the matrix field of the global banking system)

Who have been in control of Planet Earth‘s dream reality in the current human evolution?

For a while your banking systems have been in control of Planet Earth’s dream reality in the current human evolution. It has created an illusionary need, expressed in physical objects that can be obtained through having capital. A value to exchange in order to fulfill a need that was first created. Their power lies in capital and during these end times capital creates unending power. Humans believed, and still do, that they required a loan to fulfill their hopes and visions that they desire; or rely upon a credit card, or bank account to have anything. The reality is that any dreams or desires you still hold on to, or still have, or any desire you hold, can no longer have nothing to do with borrowing money from banks in order to obtain them.

During these times your selected ideals or wishes, that are actually your own energy thought forms, those have to be fulfilled by your own creative exchange. Your own individual Matrix-field. Your dreams can now be intended to manifest, separate and apart from the monetary system.

How can every human being create an attraction field around them?

1) Your dreams of a house, a car, a job or any material commodity must now be seen as an etheric possibility that must first arise as a vision in your causal plane, like a movie that is imprinted within the field rotation of your auric energy flow.( Any wish for anything must be known first. You must know exactly what you want to achieve.) Humans create everything first into the causal plane, which is a dimensional realm were dreams are formed into visions. (Tieneke – uses the same five steps in teaching her students how to draw- first you have to have an idea what you want to draw!) Published in the workbook:

2) Humanity must stay focused on what they truly do want. This is how you can create. This is where you have power. The truth of the matter is this – you cannot create anything, its the Universe that creates everything. Humans have no real power to create, however, you do have unlimited power to direct the creation process! Unlimited! Richard discovers this truth by becoming the Astral and Cosmic explorer. He gathered lots of information, which helps him to shift his perceptions about his realities

3) The auric fields of humans who follow an ascension journey vary in size, depending on their levels of awakening. While these people go about their daily activities their subconscious mind is constantly active regulating their body while thinking! The human mind filters the perceptions of the reality they expect to experience, based on those beliefs. If anyone wishes to achieve their goals they must release the subconscious resistance to having them! (Letting go of the old programs is all what Annelies‘ journal Vanishing World is all about.)

4) When humanity evolves into another state of being, that is more unity based and related to one’s individual blueprint, their soul will embody more of its qualities necessary in order to attract the appropriate dream fields. Therefore those who are ascending will have more access to visionary information, already stored in the field of their light body, and so available unto themselves. Seen in the creativity levels of people. (Annelies calls this the state of illumination, during her decoding workshops.)

5) As humans ascend, they will start to awaken on a soul level and therefore embody genetic structures from ancient times that were more loving, more harmonious, more beautiful, and more capable of bringing forward ancient wisdom. They knew what Freedom in your physical dimension was all about. That knowledge was lost during the last cycle, in particular since the Fall of Atlantis.

How humans daydream, the words they use, how they describe things, that all reflect the subconscious beliefs that they still currently hold on to. Once people identify those thoughts and releases them, they will see that their lives are beginning to change miraculously.

As long as you believe money is tied to every dream, wish or your desires, you too will fail to fulfill upon all your dreams. Only gifts, or through earning by offering a service, or exchanging a commodity, or even by entering competitions that are for FREE, can your dreams be obtained. To attract a dream field of your desire, you have to already ‘know’ that it is yours.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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