Inspirational creations

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How to tell a story, or a topic with a banner

Here are the banners I have created over the years for my Facebook fan pages, my print on demand shops with the collection pages and any other sites. These images are protected by the copy write act,  but if you click on them you get to the right address pages on the internet.


My Main Facebook page. I only add “friends” on my list if the person is truly showing a similar interest on there own Facebook page, or if they are fellow creative designers on Zazzle,Redbubble,Cafepress or Society6 to name a view. I do NOT respond to private messages here unless I know the person, and the comment in the message box is clear and to the point.

my books

Anyone can join my Author’s fan page simply by liking it.

2003 language of light

Anyone can join my Language of Light fan page simply by liking it

parallel timeline

Anyone can join my Parallel Worlds fan page by simply liking it. On this fan page I share most of my research for my forthcoming novel Parallel Worlds.


Anyone can join this Kima Global Book store fan page by simply liking it, and they will get to see all the latest book publishing events.

just kidding N zazzle banner

Anyone can join this on-line shopping fan page and get to see many great promotions and graphic designs on products sold at different shop by many different artists besides me.


This is a public group page on Facebook on the ascension topics where anyone can join who is interested in this topic, or who wants to promote their own writings on this topic.


This is a group page on Facebook for our visionary fiction readers and authors alike and anyone can request to be add to this group.

mapmaking of our ascension

Ascension mapmakers group page is a dedicated forum for anyone who is exploring our full awakening in consciousness journey. Its a very small group but anyone can request to be added to this group.

These banners takes anyone to my Facebook network. There are several other groups and pages but they are more for local people who live in the Western Cape, or there are Facebook group pages were many designers promote their graphics, photos or any other works of Art.

My Google+ network collection banners

soon to be updated

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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