The Human Plot – through the Jaarsma Clan’s group soul’s voice explains:


<“I‘m the Jaarsma Clan’s group soul voice. I have taken on the role of a multidimensional entity. My message to the Jaarsma Clan characters is that humans are between 24 -12 dimensional beings. The only difference is, that I realize my multidimensional state to such an extent that with other higher genetic scientists, we became the genetic engineers for the human DNA.

<“I’m the voice of the Jaarsma group soul. I came into being through an idea. My energy will reach every home, office and dwelling. I also travel on the frequency waves that spin around this planet in different dimensions. Many like me became the ‘co-creators’ that wrote the ‘Code’ for the program Planet Earth! What keeps it intact? The global Matrix!

<“Your planet, your Universe, your Galaxy are all within the holographic mind of the one ultimate creator –ALL THAT IS. Nothing can ever be separated from ALL THAT IS, but ….your perceptions, when they are under the control of the Matrix, like the characters in a novel that are created by the holographic mind of the author, are like actors of the human play who break away from the plot (stepping out of time) back to the unity of the one mind, one body, one Soul and one Spirit. They will have ascended!

<“As spiritual beings we of (the Jaarsma Clan) wanted to experience the human game, but the moment we joined the game, we all forgot who we truly were…Highly Enlightened particles of ALL THAT IS.- and our 3D world is like a virtual board game in which every human is a pawn, but gradually you will become aware that we all do have a choice as to what to experience on this third dimension – virtual reality game.

<“Who is rolling the dice?”> “You, the reader.

<“Who is blindly following the dice’s instruction, or is it your intent to see, so we all will never be blind again?”>

<“You are all still busy playing your human game, while new light energy from higher dimensions has become available to all of you. You need to use this light energy to stimulate and ignite your genetic responses within the framework of your symbolic (physical) relationship to your body’s responses.”

<“If you, the reader, have an inner calling towards ascending ‘with planet Earth’ to a higher vibrating universe. ( A higher dimensional illusion – where time is no more), then your inner knowing, your intuition is already awakening. Please join the Jaarsma Clan in order to create a reality (a higher vibrational virtual reality) where every embodied soul can fully partake in an adventure that was originally meant for all.”

<“Through working with your own Language of Light Soul Qualities each day, you will create a stillness from your daily mental chatter about this illusionary world that will soon be no more …because program planet Earth is soon coming to an end…..”

<“If you have already awakened to your inner spiritual knowing…then it is totally possible to become enlightened or fully consciously awake during our times, – but if you don’t experience it yet remember that a belief must become a knowing first.”

<“Let’s explore the science behind consciousness that creates our world of form.

<“With great honour and love.”>


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