Can we recognize or prove that we are all one?

When I woke up one morning I was contemplating this question. How can I prove in my own human life that we are all one? The answer was reflected to me by the ‘coincidental’ phenomena during the years that I started to have an intent to ascend from this so called reality. The people that I attracted into my life during the last thirty years showed me the proof.

Knowing that our reality, our physical universe and all of its physical matter are actually made out of immaterial energy.( Atoms are not physical particles; they are made of energy vortices that are like tightly wrapped spinning columns.) The following questions are asked by millions of people all over.


Are we all consciously trapped into our own beliefs

I am aware that it is in the thinking that we do, being the most creative species on this planet, that we interact within an invisible energy realm.
This video says it very well:

This invisible energy realm, collectively referred to as the attracter field, is the primary governing force of our material realm.

How then does having an intent affect our attracter field?

I know that most of us are caught up in our everyday life, and that many struggle just to live the aspects that they know about, but there is much more to discover. What we can imagine we can make real!
By knowing, feeling and understanding that everything is connected to everything else, and that within the underlying fabric of reality there is a field, a grid or a matrix of power we all interact with when we are awakening to this awareness, we can once again become the co-creators we always were and always will be. Each one can make a difference to the united field by creating a new age of consciousness and awareness allowing for the interconnection between everyone and everything everywhere.

I intuitively feel that on a global scale the human race is awakening to a new beginning. I sense that it is slowly but surely becoming aware of its true nature, which of course is spiritual. Human beings may not yet be fully aware or even understand the full meaning of their true nature, there is however a process of change within.

The spark plug that drives our reality

By intuitively being part of Spirit, our energy of intent will be the spark plug that creates our manifestations in our physical reality. There are no such things as coincidences. We are the creators of our own physical reality. The people and the events in our lives are the proof of what is controlling us; our mind and intellect, or our intuitive heart sense that we all interact with a field, a grid or a matrix of power.
Some call this power God, consciousness, or All that is.
The three words like God, Consciousness, or Soul can be stepping stones to truth, but they might also be obstacles if we give our individual meanings to them. It’s then our mind, or our intellect that can keep us from fully awakening to our real self!

We need to move beyond mind

We need to activate our creative intuitive feeling nature by being in every NOW moment. By starting to uncover the realms of the Spirit worlds, that which some call the inner worlds, in order to gather information, knowledge and wisdom, we are connecting to our true self, or I like to use words like “our individual soul energy”. The words we use are not important, but by awakening to our soul qualities of forgiveness, compassion, love or understanding, we allow them to enter into our lives in order to create a new reality. It’s that universal intent that unites us, or divides us on the physical plains.
The new science recognizes that consciousness endows us with powerful creative abilities to shape our lives and the world in which we live. Our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs control behavior, regulate gene expression and provide for our life experiences.

Genes are controlled by the environment, and more importantly, by our perception of the environment. – Bruce Lipton

I intuitively know that the human race is awakening to a new beginning. I sense that it is slowly but surely becoming aware of its true nature, which of course is spiritual. Human beings may not yet be fully aware or even understand the full meaning of their true nature. There is however a process of change within.
A time of change is coming, we can see it everywhere….newspapers, television, internet and sometimes even in the faces of people we meet or talk to. Is it a new beginning or is it the fatality that everyone is expecting. Everyone seems to be talking about a great change that is in the making or coming. Some talk about a new dimension, others talk about ascension and there are even those that talk about the destruction of Mother Earth itself.

The greatest obstacle we all have to overcome are within ourselves.

There is one element that people in general will have to deal with and that is the fear factor. For fear, stops people from growing and moving into their true spiritual nature, thus not allowing for oneness. The time has come for human beings to discover their true Soul purpose and being, and most of all for them to understand that they are not alone in the universe.
The crises we face present us with the greatest opportunity in human history – conscious evolution. Through consciousness, our minds have the power to change our planet and ourselves. It is time we heed the wisdom of the ancient indigenous people and channel our consciousness and spirit to tend the Garden and not destroy it.

The five stages of our spiritual awakening:

(1) Motivation, (2) Our beliefs, (3) Faith, (4) Direct experience, and (5) Personal transformation.

We need to be motivated to spiritually fully awaken, that is why

    The first stage

The Awakening Clan blogThis stage is always hidden in our intent. Feel the passion surfacing within you to wake up, like it does with Ingrid!
(1) The Awakening ClanIngrid’s journal<img



The second stage

The astral explorer.jpg web

    Now we have to re-evaluate our belief system, for believing in something or somebody does not lead one to the truth. One must first learn to ‘believe’ in ourselves first and foremost, thereby creating a new level of understanding. When I use the word ‘belief’ watch out for the word lie that is hidden in this word! We all need to clear out our distorted beliefs thus opening the first door for our divine soul to partake in our ascension process. This is often a stage of gathering information, when knowledge and wisdom connects us to our true higher self. Often this clearing is done during sleep time the way Richard has done. Both his novels deal with our dream worlds


The cosmic traveler web

(3) Faith or trust, or simply knowing and applying what one knows, without the need to always understand what one knows brings us into The third stage

This novel is about our spiritual awakening, which is direct experience. Many light workers have now reached this stage, written about by Annelies in her journal Vanishing Worlds.
Vanishing Worlds - webThrough her creative decoding program to awaken The Body Codes of Light, she is strengthened by her inner guide and her soul family to let go of fear driven memories of her past. The readers will recognize that the year 2011 is merely a turning point when people choose to be Keepers of Earth.

(4) When you’ve made a connection with the Spiritual worlds and tapped into the Love and Light energies that reside there in the form of Light beings, angels or spirit guides, Tulanda will take you immediately to

    The fourth stage

Your spiritual unfolding in Tulanda’s journal. Parallel Worlds. – (not yet in print!)moves us away from this third dimension. Her main message is: Pay no attention to those barking about the end times, since this moment is our Birth.

(5) Once you’ve truly experienced being a multidimensional, spiritual divine being your physical life will never be the same again. POWAH will expose how the prophet’s game was introduced to the Jaarsma clan’s group soul, written about in all the light-worker journals.
In a Universe made out of energy, everything is entangled, everything is one.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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