The power of our imagination

Our lives during these End of Times are filled with information that comes our way due to the internet, but its our human skill: the power of our imagination that creates the realityour inmagination we experience. But… first let me share what information on the topic of  Health  that is shared by people we have never met on Facebook and Google+.  Our social network channels are jam-packed with self-help information to do with health care or medical tips regarding weight-loss, relationships, social problems, or just images that carry quotes many of us can relate to. People share their experiences, both good and bad on social networking sites. We are then able to empathize with a friend or family member we personally know, or we start to get to know people from all over the world we might have never met, but can send support to in the form of a positive comment, or the response to someone’s post can act as a kind of group therapy session.

True or false?

As always every individual must take caution what they have been made aware of. Some posts are promoted by an image that has a link embedded in the article, so it’s up to us to click further to find out what this writer has to say, or why a friend found it important to share the information. It’s often the person who has earned our trust and writes or shares a health topic that makes us investigate further.

Is this a health care warning?

I hope this link to the trailer video will still work for a longer time than what they said on the Thrive website. click here for  the link:. After seeing this trailer video I will use my earpiece. I do not really use my cell phone like some people. I text a lot and only if I’m in a WiFi zone would I phone someone via Whatsup, but the connections are not always all that good.  If this video did not share you somewhat, click on this link:

Instead I will add this ‘Activation to stimulate our imagination skills’ with this video.

The topic of weight loss

I can do with some after the holidays. I must admit that I don’t stop to read any post that is sponsored  on Facebook. If someone has the need to pay money to Facebook in order to advertise their health product, then I’m immediately suspicious. If any information is not for free, meaning if the title of a post is not explained in detail unless a visitor has to sign up or pay for the answer, they have already lost me. Sadly this often is the case when it comes to weight loss advice.

Was this an old wives tale?

Today it’s easy to find the answer. We Just Google it! After scrolling past several articles I stopped at this one. (Can eating carrots improve your eyesight?)

Well apparently there is some truth to the old wives’ tale regarding carrots and eyesight. Professor Algis Vingrys, from the University of Melbourne’s Department of Optometry and Vision Services, says that eating carrots (and other sources of vitamin A) can improve night vision if you are deficient in vitamin A. There you are.

Yes we can learn a great deal about many health tips through the social network media, or on the internet for that matter.

There are also some great articles on Hub pages so I will share these two links who were promoted on Google+.

Almonds… Mother Natures Protein Powerhouse

Sugary Drinks Cause Disease, Sickness And Death… Even In Thin People

I only picked what happen to stream past my ‘feed pages’ within a short period ( 30 minutes) just to make a point that being on the social networking trend can be very informative on many topics whatever has our interest. Mine is to do with our awakening so I wrote the following article:

Imagination & Visualization

our imagination is our contribution

Read more on The importance of the skill of our imagination by clinking on the image.

Thanks for reading my post.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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