Good positive solutions and mind-blowing ideas do exist!

1) A Chinese delegation met with a representative of the White Dragon Society in Tokyo. At the meeting an informal agreement was reached in which the Chinese side promised to provide manufacturing facilities and financing for new energy technology. To start with a revolutionary roof-top wind turbine and solar panel combination will be distributed with no initial down-payment necessary to householders and enterprises world-wide. These householders will then pay the installers the equivalent of their current energy bill for 5 years after which they will become energy independent. This is a concrete and realistic way to give the atomic and fossil fuel based energy cartels time to find a new line of business. read on….

This White Dragon Society in Tokyo does apparently not exist, but the idea is tremendous, and what we can imagine, we can make real! OR……

White Dragon Society has signed an alliance with the World Red Swastika Society. Red Swastika Society is an organization that supports the republican world religions and humanity. White Dragon Society as they are, poverty and environmental destruction from the world, trying to Kusou war.

Before the end of this year, every soul will know about Ascension

2) As you evolve and continue to rise up into even higher dimensions, you will find that no soul can deceive or lie to another without their intent being known.

3)We of are here to see that you and Mother Earth safely arrive at your destination, that is the completion of this cycle of duality.
We wish to assure you that before the end of this year, every soul will know about Ascension and have the opportunity to choose whether or not they prepare for it.
The answer is not to worry about decisions made by other souls, as they will have chosen what is best for them and satisfies their desires. read on….

The statement that each star is a stargate and, that solar filaments resulted after Earth-sized craft flew right into the sun, was pretty mind-blowing.
Now I see that this video was not shoring anymore?
(This video contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.)

I know that I was directed to find something else that is of importance to end this page, and so I let my guidance direct me to this video…

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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