Our world is Changing fast

February 2018

Most of you will know and intuitively feel that already, but how to adjust to the change is our question.
I must again and again say thanks to all the people on this planet that make my life during these times very interesting and for keeping me focused and positive. This morning a friend send me this below link about Our Wold is changing! WOW


Looking Beyond ‘the 2014’

Many thanks to: (Your mind is your weapon) To the person who speaks, you are very smart, although I could not understand a lot of what you said, your explanations FEEL very plausible to me. I agree with another listener that we as humanity should live our lives as we know it as being happy and full of joy no matter what comes in time its part of life.

Malala’s hope

Want to make a difference? are you Already an Avaaz member? If so sign the petition, and if not just click on the link: Malala’s hope

Malala has dedicated her childhood to championing education for girls like her in Pakistan. As she lies in a hospital bed, a tragic victim of Taliban gunmen, let’s help make her dream come true.

All over the world there are stories of children that are our true heroes. They were born into this world, during these times, to make a difference and so are YOU who read this blog.

Top 11 Kids Who Made A Difference In 2011

Meet 11 such budding activists who may just inspire you to help make this world a better place.

And now for something completely different.

I loved watching this video because our world is indeed full of mysteries.

One of the strangest mysteries in archaeology was discovered in the Diquis Delta of Costa Rica. Since the 1930s, hundreds of stone balls have been documented, ranging in size from a few centimeters to over two meters in diameter. Some weigh 16 tons.

Thank you for visiting my blog The End of Time and thanks to Bill Hicks and his Lyrics:

Is this real?
Or is this just a ride?

The world is like a ride
You think it’s real – it’s just a ride
And we can change it any time we want
It’s only a choice – between fear and love

The ride goes up and down and round and round
It has thrills and chills and it’s very brightly colored
Up and down and round and round
And it’s very loud

Don’t worry, don’t be afraid
It’s just a ride
And we can change it any time we want
It’s only a choice between fear and love

Why are we here?
I think we’re part of a bigger wisdom
That we won’t ever understand
A higher order – call it what you want –
Know what I call it?


Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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