The History of Earth…

This blog post is for my research folder where I will collect similar articles that inspire me with writing my visionary fiction novels. Often fiction is truer than facts!

Part 1- The beginning of the Humanoid form. A Pleiadian message through Teri Wade

Pleiadian Teachings

First of all, humanity needs to realize that time can be changed and modified by our own awareness, therefore, history is not written in stone but is an ongoing tapestry of events. But, remember each event is also happening in a different timeline and we as humans can jump those timelines individually and collectively. 😉

This Universe that we find ourselves living in began about 20 billion years ago. Approximately 4.5 billion years ago we went through an expansion and Earth was formed out of dust and gas mainly hydrogen. Throughout this physical-chemical process Source (God) differentiated itself into units of consciousness we call souls.

The Pleiadians decided to embed a tiny part of themselves into the evolving worlds to better experience them directly.
They created a multitude of patterns we call the DNA molecule. These are called “light packets” of energy that can descend down in vibration. These DNA codes are the building blocks of our species as we know it.

These 9th density Pleiadians then densified these codes down to the 7th density the first actual density of the DNA codes. As 7th density beings, they were now able to experience as inhabitants the expanding Universe and it’s evolving worlds.

They scattered their seed throughout the Universe. As the Universe expanded into individual clusters of the expanding Galaxy they began incarnating into several different regions of the galaxy.

The galaxy we call the Milky Way was seeded by them in different quadrants. The first quadrant that was seeded was the Lyra region using the manipulation of our DNA codes. It took the Pleiadians almost 900 million years to perfect this process and it was within the last 100 million years they were able to create all life forms down to the 3rd density where the human race is now and beginning to evolve out of.

The process of descending into form is called devolution. Which means the process of becoming lower and lower in density or vibration until it reaches simple existence, pure elemental awareness. This is the density we call non-organic existence or 1st density. Which is the simplest form of existence of the hydrogen element.
Once hydrogen is infused with consciousness the process of evolution begins.

Part 2

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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