An Interview with Nadine May

“There are hundreds of “life-changing” self-help books on the market—what makes your Language of Light workbook and your ascension novels any different?”

The Language of Light workbook introduces a powerful mind-drawing technique. I gave these Art Analogue drawing classes during the nineties because I had learned that when doodling a personal symbolic language takes shape enabling our mindset to create our reality. Mind-drawing provides a scientific methodology that can help us to solve personal issues within minutes or hours, not months or years.”

“What are your credentials, and what makes you feel you have a right to write books on the topic of ascension?”

“At the age of 28, when my children were both attending primary school I had a psychic experience that I simply could not ignore. A life-changing experience

Shortly after this thought-provoking challenge, my dreams became more and more real to me. During the late seventies, I became a student of science, theology, and philosophy to understand our connection with the Divine. This often made me want to share my passion with other people driven by the desire to break through any obstacles they might have, and to show how to attract the reality of our dreams.”

I gradually learned that following my heart was the only choice for me.

“Your first novel ‘My love We are Going Home later republished as The Reality Shifters’ defines “true love” as a perfect balance of pleasure and pain. What exactly do you mean by this? And how do people experience true love?”

“Whether the conflict you’re experiencing is in your relationship, at work, a health issue, or a financial concern, the first novel takes the reader away from their day to day lives into an imagery plot that could well be their own. This method of teaching, through storytelling, has been used for thousands of years and it has shown to be consistently effective. So many people are endlessly searching for a one-sided love, that is, one with only happiness without sadness or nice without meaning. In fact, this is a very common fantasy, which leads many people (including myself) directly to false expectations, broken hearts, and depression. I had to learn by experience how we mirror the reality that is projected by our minds. Through storytelling the character, Ingrid knows that she can manifest any desire that is truly in her heart and stay in balance knowing who she is.”

“What made you decide to use Holland as the backdrop for your novels? I understand that you were born in Holland and immigrated to Australia when you were 21, and later emigrated to South Africa where you awoke to your spiritual purpose.”

“What most people didn’t’ know was that I was a recovering dyslexic; which is called lees-blind in Holland. Writing about the gripping visions I had in a language that was not my mother tongue was very daunting. I hoped to spread the ‘word’ so to speak, through the arts, teaching drawing skills and through Art Therapy. That was my background, so for many years, I explored what we hide in our subconscious through that creative medium. My nursing background and my marriage counselling experiences in later years added depth to my own research. The ascension series was born in 1995. I was getting bored with teaching people drawing skills. I wanted to go deeper where most of us dare not go because of the pain. Through mind-drawing techniques, it seemed safe to explore further. I started to understand how our hidden ‘beliefs’ and programming before the age of seven often create obstacles in life. I tried to explain my visions to my students then, but it was too difficult. I was figuratively speaking bullied into writing it down as a story. When I as the character Annelies took charge of my own life, everything fell into place.”

To come back to your question; why the Holland setting? I had to write from the heart.

“I was and will always be Dutch. I speak with an accent; I have a mannerism that is Dutch. I love South Africa and will probably never go back to live in Holland, so I felt good about starting the plot for my novels in Holland. It’s in the fourth and fifth novels that the background gradually moves from Holland to France and  South Africa and off-planet.”

“Are the five stages or levels of consciousness you refer to some sort of a recipe? You told me that when you started to write your first novel, you knew there would be five novels. Why? ”

“By teaching people drawing skills I learned that our mind needs to travel from one point to the next to trigger a perception. The first ascension level novel The Reality Shifters deals with having the motivation to learn how to manifest what is in our hearts and ‘mind-drawing’ help our motivation to become the Idea. The second novel Orphanage of Souls deals with the stage of gathering information about our idea. In my Language of Light workbook, I use the formats in which certain exercises are done to trigger what was previously stored away in our unconscious.

The third novel Vanishing Worlds is the most challenging stage in our lives due to letting go of past errors of previous the first ideas and the information gathering stages in our lives. During this third stage of our lives, we are dealing with past ‘programmed’ trauma issues stored away in our subconscious that need to be recognized and dealt with before moving to the fourth stage of integration.  In this fourth novel Parallel Realities. full of disclosures about our physical reality is written through my two walk-in characters from a parallel universe. Tulanda was the first character I wrote about during the mid-nineties, and she plays the role of the editor of the journals (novels)but her story could only be shared on the fourth level in the awakening of our ascension series.

“Yes it is a recipe and it works! It worked in teaching people to draw, so it will also work in waking us up to our true Soul potential. Book one:  The Reality Shifters was written as a cosmic romance, a love affair most of us deeply desire. It is the love affair with ourselves that becomes the trigger, the motivation to begin our ascension journey. Once we redefine what true love is, we’ll come to realize that we’re inescapably surrounded by it.”

“You mention an idea you call “Divine Order” in terms of our Soul, Oversoul, Group souls and so on. Why do you use these terms?”

“When I was a nurse, I was riveted by Rudolf Steiner’s work and had the opportunity to read many inspiring books. He often referred to what he called “Divine Love and Order.” Steiner said that few people ever come to experience this highly ordered awareness, but those who do have their lives changed forever. When I read his books again years later, this idea inspired me to go on a quest to find a way of helping myself and others to discover and come to know this underlying divine order. Like the language of mathematics, our mental thoughts manifest as ‘codes’ and these ‘codes’ create our reality. It’s a very powerful concept once you grasp what that means.

Whether you see it through religious or scientific eyes makes little difference to me, but there truly exists an underlying order in our daily lives. It’s all in the Language that we mentally and emotionally project. My workbooks are designed to help people experience this state of ordered awareness, which will help them experience greater moments of inner peace and love.”

“You often refer to having gratitude for the magnificence. How can you say there is magnificence when so many people seem to be suffering?”

“Within every crisis, there is a hidden blessing, and within every setback, there is a new step forward. When we look at the events in our lives from a perspective of balance and order, we begin to see the underlying synchronicity and magnificence in our daily lives. Instead of taking a lifetime to discover that terrible events are actually married to terrific outcomes, why not have the wisdom of the ages without going through the ageing process? Why not assist yourself through the help of a methodology that can help you find the terrific gifts out of these events quickly and efficiently? We live in a magnificent universe. Just look at the living cell, the human body, or the shining stars, and realize that we’re one with this intelligent universe, and we’re also here to dare to shine, showing our own true magnificence.”

“You mention how people can awaken their true Soul purpose. How does someone do this?”

“When I was in elementary school, my parents were told by my first-grade teacher that I would probably never be able to write — nor would I go very far or amount to much. I had a learning disability and couldn’t comprehend language. Years later an English grammar teacher in Port Elizabeth helped to re-edit my first novel so I could enter it in a competition. I was able to transform my life into that of a writer/author. It was this inner voice; I called POWAH in my novels that told me to awaken the language of my Soul at every moment for the rest of my life in order to awaken my Soul purpose. Now, all my drawing and creative writing activities have led me to awaken my truest nature, my inner and inspiring genius, which we all have within us. Thousands of people have transformed their lives by believing in themselves. What we think about ourselves absolutely does make a difference.”

“In your books, you refer to awakening to full consciousness, what does that mean?”

“In the last five years I began scanning my life as thoroughly as I could, and I discovered something quite profound: Whenever I became inflated with self-importance or was overly supported, praised, or lifted up by somebody, I would unexpectedly receive a balancing challenge, reprimand, or put-down by someone else. It was as if a healthy balance was being provided by an unknown source. I knew that a higher part of me tried to make me aware that the persona who is proud becomes humbled and the persona who is humble becomes exalted. The scriptures refer to the same dynamics. Our obstacles are often confronted by us when we go offline so to speak. Our thinking patterns hold the secret! I also knew that the proof of our manifestations is in the results, so I had to learn ( and still do) to take responsibility for my own reality, created by my own thoughts and actions.

“Reaching full consciousness means to me that we have to fully awaken by living experiences as physical human beings. We fully awaken to the fact that we are masters at materializing anything in order to have our dreams come true. We can control what we call physical matter.

“One of your characters ‘Toon’ says that the quality of people’s lives is based upon the quality of the questions they ask themselves. What are some quality questions you have people ask themselves?”

“There always seem to be two pathways that my mind can manifest. I either experience lack or it takes me where I might want to go. That is what I make Toon do in my novels. He takes the second pathway, but I as the writer have often taken the first approach due to fear of not being good enough. Through the novels, the reader will know which pathway they have taken and from which of the two directions they need to take a break.

“Following an ascension journey does not mean that there are no obstacles to overcome during the journey, but rather having a dream and knowing you will reach your goals. That in itself gives us the most rewarding feelings while we are playing the human game.”

This Interview was typed out from a tape. – 2003

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