Vanishing Worlds – Annelies’ Journal

This is pretty deep thinking for this reader and opens up a entirely new way of looking at the ourselves and the world. I’m quite sure this is beyond my comprehension although it is nice to see that there is a book that can open the door for anyone looking for another way of perceiving the world. I think anyone can read the free materials and decide if they want to read this in it’s entirety. I must give this FIVE STARS as it has so much to say. Food for thought at the very least.

 Reynold Jay “Reynold Jay”

The whole series is fabulous ! The typing or translation errors in the kindle copy are very annoying though. You often have to re read the sentences to make sense. But overall, you get caught up in the story.
Vanishing Worlds has a knack of conveying the major issues of today and what may be coming in our lives in such an easy-reading style as to make complex subjects interesting and easy to grasp. The whole story line flows along like a mighty river, carrying one along calmly but powerfully. I absolutely loved it!


Reading Vanishing Worlds gave me an opportunity to experience that ‘Time’ as I understood it is nothing but an illusion created by an individual perception. The main character Annelies, who appears in all Nadine’s novels as a strong willed and charismatic character, shares her story while being confronted with her own vulnerabilities. Her story takes on a very different twist when a communication is played out between the cellular structures that make up her physical body. Our planet Earth, our galaxy, or universe is just as real as the reality on a molecular atomic level. What an eyeopener, especially when this reality might indeed just as well Vanish.

Namasté Magazine – South Africa

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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