The Reality Shifters

Reviews for Ingrid’s journal – The Awakening Clan & The Reality Shifters reviews

The Reality Shifters is not just a factual guideline to immortality, but a beautiful and intriguing romance. It is one of those gripping tales that urge one to quickly read the next page in order to come closer to the conclusion. At times I have found myself reading rather quickly through the profound messages of POWAH, a Higher Consciousness Guide, whose excerpts can assist all to return Home in a more conscious way, just to get to the pages filled with passion, suspense and love. The two interwoven stories, a romance and a guideline to our awakening make interesting, educational, inspirational and entertaining reading.

Rev. Marietjie Venter

I found your novel to be a truly inspirational read and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a powerful tool from which others can benefit.

Linda de Villiers, Spiritual Healer & Intuitive

Congratulations! I loved the story which had me awake until the early hours of the morning as I could not put it down. I was also amazed that you managed to make all the information about ascension so accessible. Apart from the fact that it was a great read, I have been captivated by the information contained in the book. I really just wanted to salute you and recognize how deeply your book resonated within me. Thank you.

Tracy Dunley-Owen

Nadine your fascinating visionary novel is truly a empowering futuristic projection of a possible future for the human species. Although written as fiction, you have again presented it in such a way that it could easily be true and happening right now on the planet. Not only was the story gripping, but it also offered to me as a reader, a possibility of partaking in a spiritual journey that could lead to full consciousness.

David Wicock : Author of articles on the science of ascension

This book is a fantastic piece about a life within a new futuristic dimension. love, mystery,bravery and courage are many other aspects of this book . a new look at what our future could be if only we look to HIM / OUR LORD , OUR GOD ….AND LOVE EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY


This intriguing fantasy novel will have you spellbound from beginning to
end. The story commences in Holland where a group of people find they can
communicate telepathically. Ingrid, the subject of the novel discovers she
can travel into the future. The book contains intrigue, treachery and a
future that could be ours! This is a great read.

Renaissance magaziene – Caroline Chaplin

This book inspired me to realise that the life long dream of so many of us to experience a true Cosmic Romance might actually be possible. The writing is very plot driven, keeping your attention right through to the end conveying the idea that despite the daily barrage of negative news there is reason for hope. We might not after all have lost our cherished dream of Going Home to that state of Bliss seemingly less and less attainable as the chaos of today’s world impacts us more and more. Of course the story does include some negative events which can be scary such as violence and hi-jacking that we in South Africa are well aware of, but the overall message is that we can get past these events in our lives and achieve a remarkable awakening to full consciousness including such abilities as telepathic skills, healing abilities and remote viewing. Altogether this is an inspiring read and well worth revisiting, re-reading and making it a part of our lives.

BioPhile Magazine 2008

This intriguing fantasy novel will have you spellbound from beginning to
end. The story commences in Holland where a group of people find they can
communicate telepathically. Ingrid, the subject of the novel discovers she
can travel into the future. The book contains intrigue, treachery and a
future that could be ours! This is a great read.

Location: Cape Town

IT’S A PLOT!PDF magazine clip
When a plot driven predictive manuscript: The Awakening, came into my submission in box, I was immediately struck by the inclusion of themes to do with today’s global chaos Nadine managed to weave a really unusual plot that was totally original. I knew there was a lot of truth hidden in her storytelling. I had never published fiction before, but asked myself were her books entirely fiction? No, her plot was both predictive and visionary containing concepts that every reader would recognise in their own lives! Nadine’s ‘Program Planet Earth’ is a cosmic plot! Whether it is real or fiction depends on the reader’s perception.

Enlightenment is something many readers might aspire to achieve, especially since we see continuous evidence of what can only be called Dark Forces so evident in our world today. A cosmic Plot could have been programmed into our reality to prevent us from achieving our destiny of evolving in consciousness. If so what would humanity need to know, be or do to step free? Are these dark forces truly of our own making, and could we therefore, be taken over by the multiple copies of Mr Smith as was shown in the Matrix series? Do the Conspiracy theories only work if we believe in them? Nadine managed to portray a backdrop accessible to every reader inspired by the idea that physical death or aging is only a program. She creatively writes of the many ways we could free ourselves if we first suspend all our beliefs. Try to live in a state of Observation (in the Now) and learn to recognise our own fear-related shadows. In the words of the late Dr. Magdel Shackleton fear can be defined as False Evidence Appearing Real or as the Course in Miracles states“everything fearful is not real and therefore cannot hurt me.” This can be quite a challenge when we get demands to pay, or are confronted with unexpected illness.

The Illusion of Reality has been built up for thousands of years, more recently becoming even more entrenched due to the relentless propaganda practiced by the Church for the last 2000 or so years. The same would apply to the economic / banking system.

We are genetically embedded in it all, so it would be good to become Debt Free and live a sovereign life. These man made systems still survive but will have to come to an end; they are unsustainable. It is not only Peak Oil, but Peak Food, and Peak Finance. This can be a terrifying prospect; economic meltdown, collapse of the banking system, climate change, possibly radical destruction of house and home.

Nadine May’s Awakening Series books: The Reality Shifters , The Astral Explorer and The Cosmic Traveler take us on a journey of possibilities through the lives of a Soul Group known as the Jaarsma Clan. It is a journey of hope and awesome possibilities once they awaken their soul qualities, get rid of their belief systems and start to connect with like-minded people to establish independent, but interconnected Communities. The awakening Plot that could very well be challenged by our shadow creations attempting to destroy our way of life, becomes a plot driven story of how to survive and thrive in the stormy seas ahead.

Published in the November 2008 Renaissance magazine

As the story line of “The Reality Shifters” unfolds, the depth of psychospiritual knowledge and its practical application to everyday life compels the reader’s interest. I frequently paused to ponder, absorb and digest the information and illustrations about the nature of psychic structures and processes that shape earthly existence. The book, as a whole, presents progressively profound, practical insights into the management of psychospiritual energy, including how to focus and direct meditational practice. My reading invariably initiated moments of deep meditation and often extended understanding of personal experiences of psychospiritual development. Recognition of the chakra system as a vital, integral and functional aspect of everyday life is especially impressive.

As the plot unfolded, I wondered whether the author might herself consider offering workshops on similar awakening themes. At one level, engagement with the book resembled a program of study. At another, I returned to the book when I felt the need for the comfort of a close friend. Indeed, as I approach “The End” I want to fill the gap and find another good companion – and that suggests the next book in the series.

The book, illustrating the outcomes of the application of specific psychospiritual techniques, is explicitly instructional at a number of levels. Moreover, it suggests distinct ethical choice points, derived from a metatheoretical worldview that pictures the accelerating psychospiritual evolution of collective humanity in the context of the unfolding destiny of the planet. The extent to which these levels are stated and integrated into a coherent whole in the context of a novel, as opposed to a philosophical treatise or a psychological text, reflects the standards of the great literary tradition.

The appreciation of a rapidly approaching fateful moment in the history of the human species, ever-enthralled by self-destructive greed, grips the reader’s attention. The narrative format and developing story of the individual characters personalize and make dramatically real what all too often remains an abstraction rather than an immediate appreciation of a fateful moment of crisis as the devastating effects of exponential climate change creep insidiously closer. As the theme deals with the possibility of joy and expanded consciousness, it is appropriate that the finale of the novel should deal with emergency situations, including kidnapping and violence, and, appropriately, how to behave with courage and dignity in the context of the images of terror and scenarios of suffering that haunt the everyday reality of the modern world.

What is especially good about this book is its positivity. It strikes an optimistic note: if you adopt positive intention to work constructively with the Other side, it is possible to have positive outcomes, to overcome emotional and physically dangerous obstacles and to live a romantic life in the classical sense.

The book shows how the players on this side of the great divide may engage with what often amounts to a “higher power” on the Other side. If we are indeed able to develop a meaningful, ongoing dialogue with the Other, using the techniques of the Awakening Game, we then confront an intriguing question:

“If I am indeed having an authentic conversation by means of this card game, precisely with whom I am having this conversation and how far can I trust the good intentions and wisdom of my counselor?” This is a question of biblical proportions.

Graham S. Saayman – author of Hunting with the Heart – and Professor of Psychology at the University of Cape Town (1974-1989) Honorary Member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology in 2001

Write the story of your perfect life.

Let me tell you a lovely story and you will understand the power of the above mentioned exercise….and I will give you the twist at the end of my review…..
I have a friend who wrote a story about the main character finding her Perfect Mate. She wrote all the details and feelings and description in the most delightful way. Satisfied the story was complete she set about finding a publisher and after a while she did. The publisher she really liked was a woman called Robin and they communicated frequently through emails, forming a great friendship and respect for each others work.

Robin the publisher decided to pay my friend a visit and take with, her first proof copy of her novel, so they could finalize and discuss on how to publish the book in person. Robin loved the romantic story because the soon to be author had put so much of her heart & soul into writing. He felt sure it would become a Best Seller,
Eventually Robin arrived at the writers door…and to her surprise Robin was a man! They quickly realized they had never spoken on the phone in all the time they corresponded.
They fell in love as they worked to publish what eventually became Their love story. They were soul mates and The novel titled: The Awakening Clan reflected exactly the love they had both been searching for.

Yes my friends the writers name was Nadine…and the publisher is my long time friend Robin who today is her life partner. The Twist to this story was that my friend referred to in this story is our Nadine.
She has proven that the power of writing a story with all the details and feelings as if you were the main character in the story will manifest a similar outcome. So this exercise above: ‘Write the story of your perfect life’. is something we should all do. Write the story of our perfect life we want to manifest for ourselves.

lots of love.


P.S Nadine I know that the love story in the book does not totally reflect your entire book, but that would have been a complicated story to relate….I just wanted to portray that the story you told and published as a novel always impressed me.

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  1. I was very impressed with The Awakening Clan when I first read it and now that I see all these lovely reviews I feel that I am not alone in liking it and would now like to read it again simply for the pleasure!

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