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To get an understanding of what we mean by the word ascension, click on our main article titled: What is an Ascension

Many of the articles have been written over a period of eight years, and the list is growing. I have shared what my own experiences are during these times through the characters of my novels in order to shine some light (if at all possible) on the many concepts, philosophies and scientific discoveries that deal with global transformation.

Annelies is the ascension workshop facilitator in all my novelsannelies the teacherIf you click onto the picture you will get the Amazon book page.


Through Annelies I have written the following articles:

Due to me changing website platforms over the last 8 years  I’m in the process updating the links to these following articles:

Can we halt aging through fragrance that triggers memories?
How can we Awaken our Blueprint and our Cellular Immortality?
How to or how NOT to play the Human Game.
Is the Human game almost over?
The God/Goddess Within

The Song of Numbers
What is a Paradigm shift?
What will our world look like in 2020?
Are there ever Good – News Stories from around the World?
Are we all responsible for the release of Karma in these times?
Are we all just energy fields encapsulated in a physical form?
Are the feelings humanity generates on a global scale registered by other humanoid entities who are off planet?
Will our world Vanish?
Can Humanity still create a world where there is harmony between all the kingdoms on Earth?
The experience of what some call Light workers or walk-in’s
An Introduction to our decoding workshops
The 22 Decoding Spacing’s
The Five Initiation levels
What can each person do to transmute the negativity that is surfacing all over the world?
How do we learn to recognize, without judgment, where we ourselves or others are on the ladder of evolution?
Can we physically rejuvenate ourselves day by day?
Are the feelings humanity generates on a global scale registered by other humanoid entities who are off planet?
Is our Reality an Illusion?
Why are we all chasing after achieving biological immortality?
Are we living during the end of times?
Why have the experiences about the Great Awakening been prophesied by many seers?
What does the Tree of life, and the God-dess Eywa in the movie Avatar have in common?
Are you living the life you want to live?
How to Make your goals a reality in 2011



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