Transformation Times – End Of Times

Life on Planet Earth

Living in this three-dimensional existence can be challenging. The distance between our planet and the sun is crucial for supporting life; if it were too close or too far, it would be unsustainable. This is observed from a physical perspective. However, accepting that everything is in its rightful place, including ourselves, allows us to align with higher energy vibrations. To achieve this, we should observe our thoughts and feelings and recognize the divine order in seemingly chaotic situations.

We are all Multidimensional Entities.

This means that we exist in many dimensions at the same time, and we operate in each one of them under specific rules. These rules are different in every dimension or timeline. What are these rules?

Within this 3D Reality, we have followed Distorted Rules.

On planet Earth, we experience being a physical Human beings, and most of us have incarnated many times over and over again. Here we give labels and names because we experience life through a 3-D reality, meaning we have to lower our frequency to exist in this physical environment. We separate the individual from the oneness, the interconnectedness we all are.

For example:

A-Our two eyes symbolize our duality, right and left brain hemispheres, male and female.
(We are still multi-dimensional beings whether we are aware of it or not!)
B-Through DNA manipulation in our physical human body, we were made into an unconscious race, easy to control by a very sinister and service to self Dark agenda. ( read about the history of the Human race)

C-Religion preaches separation meaning you’re separate from “Source” and that’s all an illusion. This is how “they” control the human species… “they” have you looking outward when it’s always been inside.

How Have We Been Manipulated?

This video below Science of the Soul: The Great Mystery (LIFTING THE VEIL) has been well researched and will give many of us a clue how.

How Can We Evolve Toward a Higher Dimension?

By changing these distorted rules for good!

Step one: Through questioning: Why were we born? Are we alone in the universe? Is there a God? Why do we experience such hardship, illness, and poverty? When we start to become aware that our reality is different for everyone, we begin to wonder why.

Step Two: What we have to abide by is the following: feed what we want to grow, starve what we want to die.  This is a well-known, universal truth. Whatever you focus on grows, and whatever you neglect withers and dies. 

Step three: We must release the dependency on the old paradigm structure and the illusion of authority!

Step four: We need to change our frequency to change our timeline. If we lower our frequency with thoughts of anger and judgments, we go negative; if we raise our frequency by holding onto loving thoughts of gratitude, we go positive.

As we raise our vibration, we can access new portions of reality. Once we receive this higher light the unconscious becomes conscious, and the asleep becomes awake.

Awakening through our Third Eye

Our “higher self”, which is pure energy, would disintegrate our human vessel because our human vessel could not sustain that extremely high frequency, but that is why our third eye is so emphasized throughout our world and the spiritual community. Our “higher self” which expresses itself through our intuition and feelings, draws us to see unification in everything. We start to perceive our reality beyond duality and higher awareness and divine wisdom are helping us to begin our ascension process.
Our physical bodies are able to sustain these higher frequencies which are bringing in incredible abilities, awareness and insight. We can now operate on a broader spectrum of reality.

This is what is called our Ascension process

Spiritual Ascension is the progression of human consciousness; which means… changing the human consciousness from one reality to another; a reality that exists in a higher dimension of time.
Remember, darkness is just the absence of light. Once these energies start flowing and our awareness starts to heighten ( darkness remembers itself as Light) We will eventually become one with the Light. This is the completion of evolution!
The film “Contact” was ahead of our time, but this extract is so incredibly moving that we begin to have more and more questions!

I loved this film. It really puts our Earthly life in this world into perspective.

Thanks for reading my post

Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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