Mind Wars & Transhumanism

What are Mind Wars?

Mental wars have been happening for thousands not hundreds of years. The mind wars that are happening now throughout the world and shown on TV, media & Social media, but it’s NOT real! Most if not all what we lately see is made-up propaganda to trap viewers into believing that their government and mainstream media have their best interests at heart.

They want to STOP humanity to wake up! Oh… these mind wars are so horrendous…so many people falling for them.
The time of awakening is to do with awakening the natural biological psychic abilities we all have within. It’s written into our human DNA.

The Deepest Rabbit Hole Yet | New Frank Jacob Interview 10/28/22

Thank you both for speaking out about all the lies and deceits, even among the new age movement I’ve been following. I cannot yet ( with our R currency) pay for the webinar Frank is offering, but one day I will when this money system has been levelled out around the planet.

This is one of the best interviews on the topic of Transhumanism. There is a mind war going on to trap our population in this creepy evil movement through many channels. Please listen.

We are living in a Virtual reality soap opera.

Yes, we are! What we see on our TV, computer or any other electronic gadget is most often not real. Some like David Icke suggest that our planet Earth is a copy of the real planet Earth. Most People Don’t Understand Who ‘THEY’ Really Are | NEW DAVID ICKE . Please listen to Jean Nolan ( his inspired channel) who is asking the following question; Why Are So Many ( new age) Celebrities Staying Quiet?

Is this virtual reality an A.I cyborg creation of the real planet Earth?

That all depends on who you think is in control. Many like me have for a long time suspected that the people who are the elite, the politicians, and the head of big corporations all belong to or are being controlled by what is called the Illuminati, or the deep state, but who controls them? Sometimes images speak more direct than words, so by creating these images people can share by right-clicking on them and saving them.  

Not the other way around. We (our mind field) are observing a simulation reality on our electronic screens. It’s been written about in many scriptures no matter what religion, warning people to honour our many bodies. The physical, mental, etheric and ether bodies. All these layers are important to nurture during these times and take responsibility for their inner knowing no matter what the outside world is trying to destroy.

Oh… these mind/ Spiritual wars are so horrendous

These mind wars have been planned years ago, there is plenty of evidence of it.

Oh… these mind wars are so horrendous…so many people falling for them. Having through the experience with Robin, and still am, to do with the Covid treatments, I’m very grateful that he survived it, but I know in my heart that it all has to do with taking away humanity’s natural ESP abilities written into our DNA. Underlining health issues are not addressed unless we make our medical establishment aware of them.

Those who are awakening and the more that do, the higher our united humanity field of consciousness will be during a spike in the frequency during these troubling times, those will trigger our ESP gifts within us all. We then will truly be united on so many levels, no technology will be able to influence us anymore.
Being aware of this is very important during these…mind wars…. Meditation, staying in an observer mode and many other creativities that give feelings of joy are now more than ever important to practice.
Try not to give any energy to the fear-mongering on so many levels…stay away and rather clear our belief programs by working through them.
Now we need to learn to be our healers, and we need healers who can help us to deal with underlining health issues. Never take the jab no matter how inconvenient it might become. It will block the ESP gifts they are so scared of.

All our many extrasensory perceptions have to awaken. My novels deal with what we call the sixth sense, skills that include information not gained through the recognized physical senses, but sensed by the mind. Skills we all need to become aware of these. Let’s call them having common sense and intuition apart from ESPTelepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition, mediumship, and psychometry are some of them.
Telepathy is the major experience my characters suddenly get to be aware of. Having a mental communication of thoughts and feelings between people’s minds is not unusual, but we most of the time ignore it since we feel it’s our imagination.

During these times, now more than ever, we need to read, meditate be
creative, and stay outdoors as much as we can. Be in nature or attend
workshops. There are so many other online opportunities to educate ourselves on
these topics. I’m forever grateful for having that opportunity. Preparing as
many people who are ready for the ‘Intervention’ that will come in our
lifetime. (it’s already happening on a higher frequency while our minds are not
yet attuned to it, but will soon) 


Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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