What we can Imagine we can make Real

Are we all guided when we ask for inspirations? I totally believe we are. I will share with you why. visionary levels

During the time when I was painting this oil painting: Eye of the Beholder, (seen on the page itself) I knew that we are more that just physical human beings, but while living as a human being, that knowing is often not in the foreground of our minds, as it should be.

“We are all balls of light that have an ability to create anything and everything with our minds, so long as we stay true to our own inner voice and be the observer of our lives.” My inner voice is saying.

This morning before getting out of bed I came across this amazing YouTube video while scrolling the social media on my tablet.

If you listen to this fantastic interview, you’ll know why this slogan is the subtitle printed onto all my novels, starting with:  The Awakening Clan

The Awakening Clan blog

What Judy is sharing in this interview is true for me. Many times during the last thirty five years proof has confirmed for me that What we can imagine we can make real

Many of my articles here on Hubpages have explained or contemplated how our visions and imaginations can become real in this physical reality. Here are the links:

All these articles are for me physical proofs that I like to share in a way that readers can relate to some of these experiences or contemplation’s for themselves. We only have to observe nature to know what the Ramtha’s teachings are telling us.

Thanks for reading this short post, but please visit my hub page articles if you want to read more.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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