The Reality Shifters – Ingrid’s journal – Chapter 1

Our ascension journey through fiction
Ingrid’s journal – Story overview
Ingrid Barendse lives a normal life, working as a maintenance administrator in Holland. Unknown to her colleagues, Ingrid secretly yearns for a deeper understanding of the universe and after a message appears on her powered down computer screen from the mysterious POWAH, she starts on a journey to achieve Ascension and be awakened to her true self….
Book 1 of the ascension series – the Reality Shifters

Preface – 2012 – 2020
Apeldoorn – Holland.
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POWAH – Teacher from a Parallel world
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Chapter 1 – Mental Telepathy – Ingrid’s journal
This visionary fiction novel can also be read on the kindle and any other ereaders on the market.
For a download: click here

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