A vision of our world at – 2020

A Vision of Our World at-2020

Many people are convinced that humanity will soon either perish due to global warming, ( or global cooling) rising tides, be taken over by alien forces (perhaps in the next fourteen years) or… approach a kind of enlightenment, unlike anything that has existed previously.
There is a lot of fake scary main-street media propaganda out there to confuse people.
What do I mean?
We like to believe that we do have a choice if this transformation is happening, but not the way many thinks. Instead what will happen is that our ‘perceived idea about our physical reality’ will change.
Many will awaken to an awareness that our physical world is a dream-like illusion.
We are all the actors on the world stage. We are all actors on the world stage.
We all own and participated in many stories and acted out many plays, but today we all live in very special times when the veils that created our reality hologram in our 3D world are gradually dissolving & disappearing.
This can be a traumatic time for many because the only way to survive the shifts in our realities is to let go of any beliefs and educational programming. Often through reading a fictional story can we recognize ourselves in some of the characters in a novel. I was guided to share the awakening to our ascension through visionary fiction.
Do We have a choice?    read  full article

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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