Be prepared, be awake, before Time is no more

I want to use this blog as a place to gather information about my topic, which is to awaken from the human dream.  Whatever we humans have the ability to conceive, this Universe has the ability to provide. Anything, without exception. For me that means that we can conceive positive outcomes on many levels of our individual human lives as well as negative tragic levels that we all know has been happening on a global scale.

Years ago I had been shown how we can manifest our lives events and our own individual reality how we see it. Then it was shown to me where our inner power is hidden, and that our imaginations, emotions  and beliefs brings about the story board of our lives.
I had found my soul purpose but  I needed to find a way to share  – through story telling – how each individual is connected to the people they mostly need in their lives in order to wake up! The Jaarsma Clan with its characters came alive and in the year 2000 my ascension journeys web site was born.

Today Blogging is the order of the day, so instead of working on my website, I will instead share the stories, articles and videos that all prove that our world is multidimensional through this blog. Meaning that we need to acknowledge that there are more realities, worlds, or life forms in and around us that make up this physical third dimensional reality.
We need to wake up to that truth. Not by yet creating a belief in something or someone others told us about, but rather to open our awareness levels of perceptions.

To awaken is having an aha moment.
As the collective matrix of Humanity’s consciousness is starting to awaken, a powerful healing will occur within every person on our physical Earth plane. This awakening is often described as LIGHT.

This divine force field of Light that is now more and more permeating our physical realm, is therefore exposing any dark beliefs, ideas (thought forms), and any negative power driven individuals on planet earth. Any distorted negative thoughts that are filled with emotions like fear, terror, anger or grief, that are still lingering within the auric field of human beings, will come now to the surface in order to be purified. This is a good thing, but not always easy to deal with.

We as a collective human species have been entangled in false beliefs to do with our world’s finance, health, science and education to mention a few. These distortions were created for a reason….in order to control the people on planet Earth

It’s these lower ego-driven thought forms, associated with the fallen masculine within every human being, that has suppressed the collective cup of Humanity’s consciousness.

Through the I Am Spirit of every living creature on Earth, a maximum degree of purging is now occurring, especially within the hearts and minds of every person on Earth. This force of light will clear the way for the amplification of the aspects of the Divine Masculine within man.

Every person that feels drawn to follow our blog  is welcome.  This is the blog where the characters of the Jaarsma Clan, together with like minded authors and writers share the latest discoveries or news related events that will bring about a new reality.

Some of our followers might want to share their own profile page on our book publishing network website, and meet other like minded people who want to make a difference, who are sharing images, videos or articles with each other and the world.

Join us and together we will make a difference.

The Story behind the Story
Very well worth reading! Proof that we NEVER die!

Pay Attention!
The year 2011 is proving to be a pivotal year of major changes.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Nadine, your site is fascinating!! I have gereat interest in this subject and am always exploring what may or may not happen in the future. Goodluck with this and I’ll be by again.


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