The author

When I was 28, a mother of two, I was shown what soul purpose I had chosen in this life time. (It was to fully awaken to the ‘knowing’ of how to manifest any reality I wanted) The story of Liesbeth, in chapter 7 of The Awakening Clan, was the beginning of my writing career (unknown to me at the time).
A vision, a projection, like an hallucination, in the form of a star map was shown to me in the seventies that I could not share with others at the time. How was I going to explain that we were living in a virtual reality world, created by the global mind? The voice told me that a drastic change in my lifestyle was in order. All I understood was that I had to give up smoking, in order to expand, which I promptly did!
The age of computers had not yet arrived. The Internet was an unknown concept and my own knowledge was very minimal on the topics on which I now write. All I knew for a fact was that this one profound experience awakened within me a passion to become a cosmic traveler, and an astral explorer, of a world that held such kaleidoscopic diversities, all of which I needed to study further. Over the years I have gathered information in order to translate the visions I was shown into words.
While studying all the metaphysical sciences and esoteric psychology, I gave art therapy and drawing skill classes in Port Elizabeth,(South Africa) thereby laying the groundwork for my mind drawing workbook, to be published years later.
During the course of the last fifteen years it has been easier to perceive this vision that I had during the seventies for what it was, especially when the word Matrix (no relation to the movie) became a buzz word. I was shown even then in the seventies that I would explore this awesome concept: the awakening to our ascension process through story telling. It took me a further twenty years before this human plot came alive, since I had to embrace a major obstacle. Not only was I told to write the light worker journals in English, my second Language but I was also very dyslexic and could not spell, let alone in English. I think in pictures, and still do, so I tried to express my experiences through art.
Original creations
My journey as a writer began after I was introduced to a spell checker in a word processing program in the early nineties. I could step aside and let the characters of the Jaarsma Clan take over, while I just typed their story.
I entered the first chapter of my novel into the Writer’s Club of South Africa competition under the name of Nadine May, and it was placed first in the Michael Brunner trophy section (first chapter of a novel) in 1999. This gave me the confidence to keep exploring our awakening through story telling.
To reach others through story telling was the best decision I ever made. It helped me to follow my dream despite all the obstacles I had to confront in my own life.
I never stopped being creative in other ways besides story telling. It was through my drawing skill classes and my visualization technique that I noticed the shift of my student’s perceptions from the way that they looked at their drawings. When proof is shown, beliefs either disappear or become a ‘knowing’. As a result My Art-analogue mind-drawing workshops were born that seem to awaken the language of our soul.

Have a Look at the video clip on the mind drawing workshop on The language of Light The Shoot the Breeze Productions took for Free Spirit TV on channel 2 and 3 in South Africa.

POWAH my Higher Self guide explained that love, forgiveness and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. I was shown that only when our soul force participates in human evolution can we each individually make a difference. The more we express our soul’s passion, instead of the will of the Ego, the more our awareness will increase. It’s by embodying more and more soul Quality particles – through the language of light – during our human incarnation that we empower ourselves, so we can manifest our dreams. If in day to day life we all lead a good life in honesty, with love and compassion and with less selfishness, then automatically it will lead to Nirvana.

My Awakening to ascension series have the following purpose..
It’s through the character Tieneke that the mind drawing workbook was published as The Language of Light, and it’s through all the people of the Jaarsma clan that the meditations on the language of light book came onto the bookshelves.

In my first awakening novel The Awakening Clan Ingrid, one of Annelies’ students, writes how her reality changes due to her own desire to awaken her soul purpose. Annelies’ ascension workshop teaches types of decoding exercises in order to activate the genetic cellular memory of her students.
In the two follow up novels: The Astral Explorer and The Cosmic Traveller, Richard writes his version of how Annelies’ awakening card game titled: the Eye of the observer show that our reality is a holographic third dimensional game.
Annelies’ journal Vanishing Worlds, is all about the rules of creation. Her story gives readers an example of how our ascension or awakening can be experienced, and how we can survive the turbulent times we all live in. Annelies is also the author of the workbook The Body Codes of Light
The story behind Vanishing Worlds and The Body Codes of light tells the reader that once the human observer/ co-creator starts to understand why the 22 spacings within the human energy field need to be awakened through The Language of Light frequencies, and that the journals (novels) had to be written the way they are, the decoding student will then awaken to the truth that in order to activate their Body Codes of Light (DNA), they need to restore their cellular memory back to the right Soul quality frequencies. Only then will their light body template be restored back into its original blueprint.Then their light body can move through portals, gateways and stargates and return (ascend) towards parallel worlds from the year 2012 onwards. (This ascension stage will be written about by Liesbeth in her journal Parallel Worlds.)

Read Nadine’s spiritual disclaimer.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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