How does an Awakening happen?


Sophie the cat appears under the name fluffball in the novels

The internet is showing us many life opportunities that our parents or grandparents never had. That is how the five stages came to light.
Awakening is happening through Social Media
I wrote an article on this topic that ties in with the following five awakening stages.
If we recognize that there are five creative stages in every endeavor we embark on in life, then it will help us all to look back at our own lives and sum up at which stage we are in at this moment of reading this article.

Through story telling the Ascension Series on the image are structured into these five stages because “Truth seeking” is the act of awakening. It’s a process of coming in contact with and integrating the truth into our being-ness.
The First Stage of Awakening5-stages
The Awakening ClanThis stage is always hidden in our intent. Today we want to find out about something, we just Google it!
Any new project starts by having to an idea! As an example: People experience a need,or feel the intent to wake up or to become more aware by activating their inborn talents like healing, or awakening to their psychic abilities, like it does with the main character in the novel: The Awakening Clan
In the first stage we need to know what we want to manifest in our lives in order to move on to the next stage. We need to know what we want to attract or manifest as an experience. Then we move to the second stage where the idea has to be investigated.
The Second Stage of Awakening
The astral explorer.jpg webThis stage is all about gathering information surrounding our first stage idea. Today the internet gives us that opportunity. When knowledge and wisdom connects us to our true higher self, our creative minds are activated. Often this activation, or sometimes clearing out old ideas is done during sleep time, like in the next two novels: The Astral Explorer and The Cosmic Traveller. The cosmic traveler webBelieving in something or somebody does not lead one to the truth, but we must first learn to ‘believe’ in ourselves, thereby creating a new level of understanding. Faith or trust, or simply knowing and applying what one knows creates an inner power. Without the need to always understand what one knows will bring us to The Third stage.
The Third Stage of Awakening
Most people who we meet on the social media circuit are on this awakening level. After we feel we have gathered enough information about our ‘idea’ we now try the idea out with the backing of the gathered information. This is the stage in our lives where miscalculations are corrected. This is the level of awakening the internet offers many self improving courses and many people join workshops to find themselves or to improve within themselves.Vanishing Worlds - web
On this third level of consciousness we learn to accept that we are the observer of our own manifestations. We would not experience ‘life’ the way we do if we were not at the same time our own observer.The novel Vanishing Worlds was written on this level of awareness.
The Fourth Stage of Awakening
This is the level of synchronicity. We are for more attuned to what is happening around us which will guide us to improve our preparation in order to manifest our desires. We find solutions in order to overcome obstacles. Brainstorming sessions are fruitful. We are our own observer. This is the stage of the novel Parallel Worlds which has not yet been available in print. People on this stage are preparing for huge changes. Concepts,old believes and perceptions must let go of.
The Fifth Stage of Awakening
This is the level of awareness where all the first four stages have been applied! We all know people who say: “I always wanted to … travel..or write a book!” This is the stage where manifestations happen on a physical level!
The fifth stage means that now we have applied action! This is a stage where we are aware that the reality around us is totally of our own making, so we can change it. We are totally in control.
Now our idea is manifested. If it has not, we have to look at which stage our ideas have procrastinated. Humanity can make a difference because we all have the inner power to move mountains! Our minds creates sound,vibrations and frequencies.

One of the greatest minds of all times once said……”If you want to find the secretes of the Universe… think in terms of, energy, frequencies, and vibration”…. Nicola Tesla.

There have been three stages in evolution: matter, life, and mind. We have no reason to suppose that the world has finished evolving, and there is therefore likely, at some later date, to be a fourth phase – and a fifth and a sixth and so on, one would have supposed.
~ Bertrand Russell








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