Why reading fiction feels more real than reading factual topics.

I wrote a whole article titled:  Can a fictional plot become a reality?    But this blog entry is more directed at writers who would like to write a novel. In this article I shared how my first novel became my own proof that  vision boards do work.

Personally I feel that it has to do with the shaping of the main characters in a novel. Some authors are very good at this and immediately an image of a real person emerges.

Cast of Characters

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Can anyone write a novel?    I feel like it is with learning to draw, if there is a strong desire to do so, yes then anyone can write a novel.

I’m often asked the following question. “I have difficulty beginning. How do I start writing a novel?” My reply is always the same.

“Just start writing through the first character that comes to your mind. Do not worry about structure or which chapter at all. Just let the words flow and edit them later.”

Before I started with my novel series (the Awakening to our Ascension) I wrote a bio for each of my nine main characters. I had studied the nine character role playing types from the Enneagram system and they became the people from the Jaarsma Clan

9 characters

Here is the link to the nine characters I created for my Awakening to our Ascension series

To me these nine different outlooks to our Earthly world would take my readers into their reality. What are the reasons why this is so?  Because any one of the nine types will be recognized by the reader because their acting and way of thinking relates to the people they know.

the observer

Personally I Just make one character do the thinking and the talking (if any) and before I know it a structure starts to emerge. I have often written several chapters before I suddenly know which one must be the first chapter. I also rarely come up with the book title from the start.

My fifth novel ‘Parallel Worlds’ in the ascension series is taking a lot longer than I ever anticipated. The reasons are many, (to many projects on the go) but that would take a whole article on its own.

I have promised myself that this fifth and probably the closure of this visionary fiction series will be in print well before the year 2020.




What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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