How responsible are we for the health and well-being of our planet Earth?

I consider the human species to be a divinely inspired creation, before it became contaminated! By whom, we might ask, but questioning that today is looking for blame. Let’s instead take our divine power back and educate ourselves through reading, listening and experiencing first hand our weather patterns and how we treat other creations on our mother Earth!

Could there be a connection between chemtrails and the severe weather we are experiencing lately?

Please listen to the people who asked these questions!

Alarming hey?  Now listen to the people, farmers, who are all trying to make a living by growing organic veggies!

Is it true that billions of people are being misled, or even terrorized by politically programmed individuals who clearly have lost the plot? Are these people so brainwashed, they can only follow orders without thinking why!  The link is to a video was removed for some reasons,  I cannot post it directly onto my blog. Do you wonder why? I Do.

USDA Confiscates and Kills Dairy Sheep

The sadness I felt after watching this video made me more and more aware that the ‘separation’ scriptures  often mention – between the goats and sheep – has started to manifest.

  • These are the sheep – people who aspire to rule over others in unaccountable bureaucracies; knowing that their job can only be justified by regulating, raiding, and destroying real, wholesome food, and the farmers who produce them.
  • The goats are – people who listen to these videos, who ask questions.  People who start to share their own knowledge, or who spread these often alarming facts on the internet, so more and more people can make  individual decisions! People who want to take their power back!

Welcome to the birth of a New Earth

Unity in diversity is what will empower us. Stay the observer at all times and feel the knowing that we are all one – while individually we evolve to make a difference to the whole.

The light in me honors the light in you.

Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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