Is there an instruction manual for Planet Earth?

Imagine if there were such a thing. Would these rules apply to everyone? There are so many cultures with different viewpoints; all of them linked to the beliefs that influence people’s understanding.

POWAHIt’s to evolve the rules of the human game. In your current cycle of time physical matter is the only reality that you are aware of, but that will soon change. It has been my mission to write an instruction manual for readers of the light worker diaries that were translated into novels. They are called Experts in the novels.

What is the purpose of having an incarnation on Earth?

(The following answers are written through the characters from the Jaarsma Clan)

9 characters

Many of us have noticed how time itself seems to be speeding up. It is as if the day begins and evaporates. This increase in the speed of time is not just our imagination. It is a sign that we are close to the end of a cycle within this illusory holographic matrix. We will all soon experience the end of this reality, due to our interception. By shifting our consciousness to a vibratory plane above the controlling elite on our planet, we are truly Free!

read on….

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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